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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Beautiful Winter Morning

We haven't had much snow this winter, but we have had cold weather!  Yesterday we got a pretty snow, and today we have sunshine (for now, some snow due later).  We also are going to have plunging temperatures later today, and it will be very cold tomorrow!

Here are a few photos for you!

So many of us are going to be in very cold temperatures, so be careful and stay warm!


  1. Very pretty, I can't believe some of these temps! Brrrr....

  2. We had record breaking cold temps last night and today. Brrr is it cold out there. Stay safe!

  3. Good day for cozying down... We are in and out of sunshine and snow showers. Not sure when the cold is supposed to hit.

  4. Hi Deanna - I popped over from Vee's blog, and I'm so glad I did, what a gorgeous blog! I love to meet like minded bloggers, just living life, following Christ, and making a difference in the world! I plan on making this a regular stop!


  5. Such lovely views of winter! It's pretty cold here, although nothing like those poor folks in the Midwest have been experiencing. Brrrr . . .

    Stay cozy!!

  6. It's 15 degrees below zero where I live, so I haven't left the house in two days. I've actually been having fun though. I've been catching up on blog reading and reading through a stack of books.

  7. Beautiful snow! Stay warm and enjoy the views. HUGS!


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