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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Photo Editing - Lightroom

I've been trying to get better at editing photos.  For years I used PicMonkey until they were no longer free.  I've used as well, but since I take all my photos on my phone, I wanted an app that I can use right on my phone, so I can edit photos anywhere.

I took a photo yesterday, of a sweet bird that kept flying up at my window.  

I was inside the house and with the sunshine and being morning, the garden was in shadows.  

My first edit was to just lighten it all up, and give it some warmth.

My last edit was to get rid of the neighbors vehicle and yard.  I know its not a great photo to start with, but I thought it was fun to try out the Lightroom App.

Here are a few more - 

 A photo of my stack of blue and white dishes

Then the photo cropped and edited

Doesn't it look better cropped?

Now these photos of my little red cabinet with my pathos plant

Here I cropped and straightened it, and used a filter to bring out the red, and the blue in the green.
I'm learning as I go, and a lot of it is preference.  I know presets are a big thing right now, but some of them wash the colors out so much!

Do you use a photo editing program?  Which one?  I'd love to hear what you like and don't like about editing apps/your editing  app.


jmac said...

Check out blog. She has excellent visuals of how to edit phone pics thru a free app. Her blog is awesome...she's a travel blogger. Just scroll thru until you find info about her photography.

Kim said...

I still use PicMonkey, I caved and paid... but only because I was too lazy to try something new. I really should investigate Lightroom. Thanks!!

Vee said...

Most of the photos I use are edited in some way. On the cell phone, I use the editing options provided and perhaps further edit using Instagram’s edits and filters. For the blog, I use my good camera most of the time. I use a free downloadable program called Photoscape. Cropping, straightening, and brightening worked really well on your photos. I really like the bird on your fence. The last thing I do is to remove anything that draws my a crumb or a pronounced nail hole and the like.

Cheryl said...

Did you ever join in the photo challenges that Donna (Cottage Days and Journeys) hosted? I found her challenges very motivating. I feel as if my photo skills have stagnated. If my iPhone took better photos, I might try the Lightroom app. Maybe I could talk myself into getting a newer phone . . .

(See how easily I convinced myself?! Haha!)

Nice shot of the little bird! He seemed to be posing for you!

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