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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tea On Tuesday (Birthday Tea)

Lindsay and I had tea last week to celebrate her birthday.  We went to a new tea and coffee shop called Piccadilly.  I am happy to see a new tea place in our area, and where they are trying to do a modern/casual feel.  The setting, the dishware were all great, as was the tea.  The food however wasn't that good, to us, for the price of afternoon tea.  Would I go there again?  I think yes, because I'd like to see this place succeed, but I prefer our usual place.  Also, perhaps a different selection of offerings on a different day might be more to my liking.

I loved spending time with my girl, and celebrating her, and we both love tea so the afternoon was delightful.  

Have you been to tea lately?  Have you ever been to tea?  


  1. Not lately. The nearest tea house is thirty miles away. It’s been a long time since I went to tea and I actually think I went to coffee. ☕️ I hope that this tea house gets it together and does well. Four desserts? How does one handle that? Perhaps they are very small pieces.

  2. Yes, I love Tea. The tea rooms in my area has all closed, but there is a Coffee shop in town called "The Gathering Grounds" that has Tea and desserts. My hubby and I went there last week. He had coffee and I had Tea.

  3. No tea shops close to me, though lots of coffee shops, but they just aren't quite the same as a place that specializes in tea. I keep waiting for someone to start one up again. We were excited when our old tea shop that became a salon, turned into a local coffee shop. But very much just that, and only paper cups--bleh.

  4. What a shame to be disappointed in the food. Tea time should be so special, with maybe scones and jam, little sandwiches, pretty cakes and so on. Maybe they will improve.

  5. It has been a while since we have been to tea. The tea room nearest to us was a disappointment (in service, not food). I recently learned of another that is further away, but has good recommendations. It might be worth the drive.

    I am sure that you and Lindsay had a fabulous mother/daughter time! Happy birthday to her!

  6. Nothing better than time together. I know you both enjoyed it. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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