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Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday Five

These are random photos from the last two weeks.  I'm going with Lindsay today, to celebrate her birthday (which was January 1st) with afternoon tea!

1. Kyle's 'new' bed.

When we got our new bed, Kyle got our old one.  Nothing like seeing your old bed in your kid's room to realize how small it was!

2. Siblings

These two are the hardest to get a nice photo of, they both hate having their picture taken!  Lunch out for Tim's birthday on Christmas Eve is where I managed to capture them, together no less!

3. God is Crazy about YOU!

Saw this quote by Max Lucado this week and it made me smile!  We all need to be reminded of this!

4. Antique Store Find

Tim and I went out antiquing on our anniversary, and I came across this!  The uniform looks authentic, the buttons say "Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders" on the buttons.  But that  uniform jacket is narrow!  The head on the manniquin makes it look feminine but in person it is not.  Only $275 for the whole thing including manniquin.  To bad I don't have a space for my own highland guard!

5. These two are my other hard to get a decent photo of people.  It was a selfie by Rachel and she sent it to me.  She's already back at school, and classes are underway.  She has a research paper due on the 8th, so please uplift her in prayer.  Writing is not a comfortable task for her, so it feels overwhelming to her.  She's also a homebody, and while she loves her classes, she misses being home.

(this photo should be titled 'smirky and cheesy!"

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Let's be a light in the world!


  1. Everyone looks great! I'm not a huge fan of photos either...but every now and then I let one slip by. ;)

  2. Some people are just camera shy! Can't imagine why!!

  3. I wonder who would buy that uniform and for what. In fact I often wonder who buys stuff in antique shops and how they stay in business. I guess some things are of interest to younger people now or home stylists. As much as I love antiques and all our furniture was bought used, I don't buy much anymore as I'm cleaning out, not accumulating! Still love to look at a good antique shop or "mall."

  4. A fun five! Catching those "hard to photograph" people is a challenge. One of my granddaughters is currently in the stage of making silly faces whenever the camera points her way. The other one pastes on a cheesy smile and holds her head stiffly. Sigh.

  5. Fun photos! I have an entire family that despises having photos taken. Guess I can’t be too surprised since I absolutely hate it myself. I have tried not to be the disappearing woman, but there are entire decades of my life with no proof I was here. LOL!

    How low will they go on the Highlander’s outfit I wonder. What a find!

    Praying that Rachel gets through her writing assignment well.


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