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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

House Plants

When we were first married, and my children were small, I used all faux plants.  Ivy's, and ficus trees mostly.  In the last few years though, I've begun to buy real plants and I love having them in my home!

I'm currently growing a small ficus tree (which needs a bigger pot) and I'm growing a two pathos, a fern that is not wintering well.  It looks like it belongs in Miss Havisham's house currently.  I've moved it to more light and am endeavoring to give it enough water without over watering.  Can you over water a fern?

I have a snake plant, but I think that while I am caring for it, it belongs to one of the girls.  I also have a lovely ivy, that is thriving in the kitchen.

One of my pathos is the star of the living room.

I moved her yesterday from between the tv cabinet and the china hutch.  She liked it there, and got a lot of light.  Where she is now is closer to the window but off to the side of it, so we'll see if she does well there.

I moved some things around yesterday, and I like her here by the front door.

Today I need to water plants, which is why I thought we could have a chat about them.  Do you have real plants in your home?  Do you have any advice about my fern?  I'd be grateful to hear it.


  1. I could never grow plants in our other house. Just not enough light, though at the time, it did seem like a light and bright house. In our new home, we have 48 windows! So lots of light and great humidity. I've been growing plants here since day 1 and we've amassed a great collection. Loving discovering my green thumb! Love your plants. They look good! Chy

  2. I do. (Shhhhh...I am overwintering that geranium and, yes, I am slightly embarrassed about trying to hang on so tight.) I have an ivy that needs cleaning and some light. Thanks for reminding me. Must go looking for it.

  3. Your plants look healthy. Mine would not. Some faux plants look pretty good now so that's what I have. We're probably not breathing as well though.

  4. I love indoor plants such as Cyclamen, not so good with ferny things though. Ivy loves the leaves being washed!

  5. Oh, Deanna . . . 40+ years into marriage, I still manage to kill every plant that comes into my care. Thank goodness, as Dotsie says, faux plants can be so pretty and look so real these days! I love your real ones though! You have the touch, girl!!

  6. I love real indoor plants. I tend to let them get very dry, except for the ferns. I figure they grow in the jungle and the rainforest, so I try to not let their soil dry out.

  7. I love my green plants and yours are beautiful. Nothing prettier than those green plants running all over the place. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. My husband calls me a plant murderer. And I'll leave it right there...🙃


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