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Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Roads Conditions Can Deteriorate Quickly - A Lesson Learned

The sky was blue and the roads were clear yesterday morning, so Tim (whose inspections had been rescheduled) suggested breakfast.  I readily agreed and got ready.  When we arrived at our favorite breakfast spot we saw they were closed.  That was kind of surprising, the artic air hadn't arrived yet, the wind was mild, and the roads were good.

We just came home and ate, but I was happy knowing the roads were good.  My friend Jen and I had plans in the early afternoon to go to tea, and we were both happy that the roads were good, and having learned my lesson with breakfast, I called the tea shop to make sure they were open.  They were!

The drive to Jen's takes 30 minutes and the further we went the more settled I was that the roads were all clear.  Until I got to her road.  It looked like it had not been plowed by I went slowly and it was fine.  Jen and I set off and my traction control kicked in going uphill but once we were on the other road it was all clear.

We enjoyed a leisurely teatime together and were the only ones who ventured out.  We knew that later in the day the temps were going to drop and the wind was going to be strong.  We watched a brief snow squall, then the sun come out.  No snow on the roads, its all good.

Until we are driving back to her house.  The road conditions had deteriorated.  The wind was blowing, there was drifting on the roads, and in those sections it was almost like a white out from the blowing snow.

We made our way to her side roads and there things really went downhill.  We were behind a plow who was working on those drifted roads, but where they were completely covered a few hours before, they were now completely covered.

I was very concerned about her road, and when we were on the road that meets her road, a passing car spun out and I still don't know how it missed hitting us!  I told Jen to call Mike (her husband) and have him meet us on that road.  He brought Kyle, who'd been playing with their son Daniel, and Jen and Kyle traded places.  Mike said as they got to the top of their road it was a near white out from the blowing snow!  Jen and I knew that from our experience on the main road! 

Kyle and I made it home safely, and I had known that once we got off that drifted main road, the other road would be fine because their aren't really many open field spaces.  The only challenge with the wind would be the bridge over the Susquehanna River.  That was, let just say, crazy!  We weren't in any danger, but it was a bit freaky, to be driving and having those gusts hit the van!

I was happy to get home, and into a warm, cozy house.  Today, we are all home again, the frigid temperatures and negative wind chill have led to co-op being cancelled and we are all just fine with that!

Our weather, while dangerously cold, is nothing like what the mid-west is experiencing!  Crazy cold there. 

I hope you are warm and safe at home.  We need to be mindful of our neighbors and friends, too.  Check on them, and have a house party if necessary!


  1. Oh. my goodness!!! You were brave to go out! Down here in Texas, weather like that would totally put everything and everyone in chaos! We don't do white well her at all.
    Glad you were able to enjoy your afternoon. Now stay put until it is safe!! and tell us all bout how you are redeeming the day!

  2. Glad you made it home safely and can stay home today!

  3. Oh my! Things can deteriorate quickly, that's for certain. I'm glad you are home safe and warm. There have been some terribly cold temperatures in the USA and in Canada. We, on the west coast, however, have had none of it. We might get a little snow next week, and I'm hoping so. Enjoy your snow day!

  4. Sounds pretty scary. The scariest drive I have ever had was the night when I left home in perfectly fine weather to fetch the kids at Youth Group. I hit a snow squall within minutes and the entire world changed on a dime. So glad that The Lord protected you and yours and that you arrived home safely. Thanks for the reminder to check in on folks. I think I'll call my sister-in-law. ☺

  5. Crazy weather in all forms ... it is so cold here but will hit 70 next week. It's amazing to hear even the mail was canceled in some states. I don't remember school ever being canceled when I was growing up in Chicago--snow or cold. Maybe we didn't use so many school buses. Glad you made it home safely.

  6. I cancelled both of my doctor's appointments knowing how bad the roads can get since we live in the country. My husband went into town late afternoon and had just arrived home when heavy snow started. Not more than half an hour later, there were multiple ambulances that went down the road behind us. That change was within half an hour!

  7. Oh my goodness. I was a nervous wreck just reading this . . . even though I knew you had to be safely at home to even be writing it! Praise the Lord for His protection over you! {{{Hugs}}} of joy that you are safe!!

  8. Oh no! That sounds treacherous. So glad you made it home safely. I was out with my daughter the other day when a squall hit. We were on a four lane road at rush hour. It was very busy, the traffic lights were out and there was a total whiteout. I'm so glad I was driving and she wasn't alone, but it was white knuckle there for a bit...c'mon spring!! ;)


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