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Monday, January 21, 2019

Beauty After The Storm

We, being on the southerly edge of the storm, ended up with less snow AFTER the storm than we had on the ground before the storm!

We had a little freezing rain, but it ended up mostly a rain event for us.  We're not complaining, and we're not blaming the weatherman either.  Storms are active and they can move and change.

A bitter cold front moved in on the heels of the storm though, and it is really cold here.  Seven degrees currently with a real feel of -14.  

However, the sun is shining today, and that always cheers the heart and mind.

I'm fighting a cold, so I slept in today and stayed home from church yesterday.  It was a good weekend.  Did you see the eclipse last night?

It was so cold here that we could only go out for brief views, but we had a gloriously clear night!

I watched some of it from a local view on You*ube.

I took a screen shot of it on my ipad.  An amazing event.

I hope you have a great day.

ps - my daughter's weather in the Adirondacks is -9 with a real feel of -31.  Vee, are you this cold in Maine?


  1. Yes, pretty cold, but thankful for a furnace that keeps on going! The moon was beautiful, my phone doesn't take great pictures of the moon, as many times as I try! I'll just enjoy other photos.

  2. Well, I guess that's GOOD news! We got it all--the snow AND sub-zero temperatures. Furnace can't keep up. And no, I didn't stay up OR get up to see the blood moon. Kind of sorry now...

  3. It’s cold. As of noon, it is 4°F with a real feel of -13°F. As long as it is not -20°

    I have been ill with a head cold for over a week. Some days were spent in bed, I was that tired and miserable. Hopefully, I am on the mend; you might have to convince me though. I did not feel like eating at the worst of it, but appetite has returned. 😉

    No, I did not have the fever and the only thing aching was my ribs from sneezing and coughing. 🙏🏼 for you. Use your thieves and diffuser and drink lots of water and tea.

  4. When the storm reached us here on the Island, it came in the form of snow, freezing rain, and a lot of rain. Some high winds too but we had no flooding and no power outages. So, I'm very thankful for that. The sun was supposed to come out this afternoon but the skies are still gray out there. It's been a long cold winter and we have two more months to go. But Spring will come! I hope you feel better soon. Hubby was feeling a little under the weather over the weekend so we had lots of turkey soup and biscuits. He's feeling better today. Take care, Deanna. It's cool that you had a good view of the moon last night. It was too rainy and cloudy for it to be seen here. Blessings...Sandi

  5. Sorry you've been under the weather! I suppose that's a good time to stay in and drink tea . . . it is SO cold out anyway. We picked Kati up from the airport last night and ~brrrrrrr~ it was COLD!! She hadn't taken her winter coat with her on her travels, but we brought it along when we picked her up.

    Ron had a really early morning on Monday, so he did not stay up to see the eclipse. Bekah and I took a peek but it was too cold to linger.

    (How many times can you type the word "cold" in one comment?!)

  6. The last couple mornings it has been in the 20's here, too cold for me.

  7. I'm glad the storm was mild for you. Too bad that you've not been feeling well. Tonight it's pouring down rain here, a rather cozy sound since we're tucked up warm and dry by the fire.


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