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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

That Was Unexpected

❀ Blooming Brushwork ❀ - garden and still life flower paintings - Laura Shubert | Peonies in Glass

Kyle came down with a cold virus last week and by Thursday evening Tim and I had variations of it.  We definitely are on the mend, but then last night I had a low grade fever again and my cough seemed worse.  Today, I'm just tired.   I'd appreciate your prayers for a quick and complete recovery.  Rachel is home this week for spring break and will be gone most of next week, visiting Emma.  I want to make the  most of our time together.

Thanks friends.

Then I'll be back with pictures of the rearrangement, my new rug, and artwork. 


  1. Sorry you are sick. We just never know what's coming, do we? Will pray for a good recovery and soon.

  2. I was just reading about rest being important...

    Rest well!


  3. I feel your pain. We have all taken turns with this (or similar) virus and it is no fun. Praying that you are able to enjoy this time with Rachel!!

  4. Well I have been out of town and missed this but praying you are feeling better this morning. HUGS

  5. I'm sorry. I can imagine how difficult it is to being under par when your children are home.


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