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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy Spring!

We've been having lovely weather, perfectly spring like; cold nights, warm days.  Sunshine.  This is the thing that's making me the most happy - sunshine.

Last year we had a rainy spring, then a very rainy summer.  The sky was grey even when it wasn't raining.  Then a rainy autumn, and snowy winter.  Lots of clouds.  So the sun shining and blue sky is a delight!

With spring comes flowers blooming and trees budding.  Nothing is blooming here yet, but my Lilac trees are budding and nearly ready to have the leaves come out.

You can also see that there are leaves blown up against the chicken coop area.  There is a lot of leaf clearing to do.

The same goes for the English Cottage Garden.  Leaf removal, trimming the spirea and the roses.

On the left under the window is a huge hydrangea that blooms on old wood.  Some years I get a lot of new growth but not many blooms as a lot of the stems have died due to the cold.  This year though I checked the stems and they are green so I believe this hydrangea is going to really bloom this year!

We've finally settled on replacing the picket fence sections, and keeping the main posts which are in good condition. They just need to be repainted.  Tim had mentioned enlarging this space, and I'm thinking about it.  It would give me a spot to have a sitting area other than just the walk way.

Soon the fence will be new, and the garden blooming!  I can't wait!

Happy Spring!


Elizabethd said...

So much enthusiasm at this timeof year for anything garden related. I do like a picket fence, there is something very cottage garden about it.

Kim said...

Happy spring!! I've been looking for signs of the season myself. Hopefully I find some soon. ;)

Vee said...

Yay for a new fence! How sweet that will be. I am glad the weather is becoming brighter and better!

Sandi said...

Love, love, love the bright yellow daffodils, Deanna!

Theresa said...

Happy Spring to you too. I love seeing those little buds 💐. Sending HUGS your way

Linda said...

It is a journey into spring.....I join you in the anticipation....there will be work ahead but it will be a pleasure.

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