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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Living Room Re-Arrangement

I'm finally able to show you what I did in the living room.  Right after I bought my rug, Tim and I joined Kyle in being sick, then Rachel came home, and I was still coughing and wiped out.  The coughing is better and I think I'm truly on the mend!

I bought my rug at Target a few weeks ago.  I moved the rug that had been in the living room (and not the proper size at all) to the sitting area of the master bedroom.  Its better there.  This rug is 7' x 10' and fits the space much better.  The cream, gold and grey colors are all just right in this room, and the rug has an old world feel.  I'm really happy with it.

I'm loving the layout of the furniture and the functionality of the space.  We had 22 ladies in this space (we added seating and a bench) on Sunday, and it flowed well.

 Also check out my goofy cat.  Right hand side of the burgundy couch.

I always arrange the furniture to make the conversation spaces work.  In this space the whole room can chat together, or the people across can talk, or the people in the chairs can chat together, or the people at the ends of the couches, etc...

There is ample room to walk around the furniture and get into the kitchen space.

Real life in this photo as Tim is working at the table and I still have paper flowers from the shower on the table.

This space is function over form right now, but I am working on some ideas for this space.

This summer I plan to paint the kitchen, living room, and hallway.  I was going to do white, but I may keep the yellow but do 50% pigmentation in the paint, so its the same yellow just lighter.  Still thinking about this.

To see some other ways this room has been arranged over the years check out this post {here}.


Vee said...

Your living room arrangement is beautiful. I really like the carpet and the way that it ties the room together and grounds it all. Real life is Tim working at the table...that's the best part about real life...activity and people. No point in perfect rooms without the people who live there and visit there.

Glad to hear that you are on the mend.

Kim said...

How pretty! So glad you're feeling better, too.

Sandi said...

Always be thankful. Love the pillow message! :)

Looks roomy and spacious. I like the yellow too.


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