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Monday, November 25, 2019

This And That

Sarah started work this morning at 6:00 am so we were out the door at 5:30 am.  She surprised me by playing Chris Tomlin's Christmas album Adore.  It was just right for a dark morning drive.  I love to sing with her and this album of songs is one of my favorites.

We had snow yesterday. It came down so beautifully in the morning, and by mid afternoon it was gone.  The sun came out, it was mild in temperature. It was such a pretty snow.

If you follow me on Instagram you know I mentioned that I have a cold and that most of last week was spent with a terrible cough.  This weekend was a turning point, and while I'm still coughing, I can tell I'm on the mend!  Thankfully, just in time for a very busy day today.  

Friday evening, the performing arts academy theater class that Sarah attends put on a three act version of Our Town.

Sarah played Rebecca Gibbs, and one other character.  She did very well and so did all the young actors!  Its been delightful to see Sarah 'find her people' in a sense and grow as a performer.  In the spring there is a huge cast who will be performing a full production of Beauty and the Beast!  She is thrilled!

Saturday evening Sarah and I went to watch the other theater class perform their one act plays of  Pride and Prejudice and A Christmas Carol.  They were both very well done!

Today, we hope to go get a look at a potential venue for a reception, and we are going to have a first look at wedding dresses!

Lots of fun and enjoyable activities happening.  Rachel and Wes will be going to spend Thanksgiving with his family in Tennessee, and she'll get to visit Emma, too.

I'll leave you with Klaire last evening at our house.  Don't mind the Minecraft players in the background.


  1. The snowfall is so pretty and you captured it well. I'm glad you are feeling better. It's always a relief when one senses that the corner has been turned to health once again. So glad Sarah is enjoying her acting roles. Have a great week!

  2. I seem to always get a bad cough at the end of a cold. Praying for your completel recovery. I need to check out the Chris Tomlin Christmas album.

  3. Energetic Klaire with the twirls between the hops. How fun for Rachel to have Thanksgiving with her fiancé’s family and then to visit Em and crew. So good to know that you are feeling better in time for a busy week. Hope that you and Tim and Sarah and whoever might wish to get a chance to go see the movie. Four of us went and we all found it compelling.

  4. What a lovely snow photo. Hopefully you are well on the mend from that cold. What fun for Sarah with her acting/performing opportunities. I get a little rush on that, as I loved being part of various performances when I was in high school. Never did anything afterwards.

  5. Oh snow! We've had lots of rain day of flurries, but nothing more. Wedding dress shopping sounds like fun. Enjoy!

  6. Oh, my! I hope you are a morning person. 5:30 in the morning I’m just rolling over in bed! I do hope you feel better each day. Being sick during the holidays is so hard and I see how you have just kept going instead of keeping to your bed.
    Snow sounds wonderful to me. I have the bedroom door open to the 50 something degree night air. It got warm in the house today and I worked up a sweat with all the cleaning and decorating. But in a way, I’m glad for Texas weather as I have sooooo many tubs and bins of both Christmas and fall scattered between the bedroom patio and the storage building. Many open and spilling out contents. It’s a mess but we need to get out there and clean it up and store it away. Rain is coming in a few days and will stay for three.
    Exciting times planning a wedding! You have such a thriving family!

  7. First of all, I am happy to know that you are feeling better in time for this week of joyful activity! It is so much easier to plan and prep when you're not distracted by illness.

    Love seeing Sarah in her element! I know she's having a ball this year!

    What a beautiful snow scene you captured! (And even better that it was gone so quickly. 😊)

    Oooooo . . . wedding planning!! Now you're in your element!!


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