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Friday, February 7, 2020

Friday Five: Reading Edition

Today's five is about things that I have been reading.  If you like tea, gardening, beauty, the Queen, and daily devotions, like I do, prepare to be inspired.

1. Brenda recommended this book a few weeks back.  I found it for about $5 online and have enjoyed the chapters I've read so far.  The author talked 13 women while they had tea together and found out about their lives.  Very enjoyable. 

2. The only magazine I still subscribe to is Victoria.  When Hoffman Media took over publishing this beautiful magazine, it went back to its tried and true format. (there were several years when Hearst tried making it more of a monthly woman's magazine. shudder)

3. This beautiful booklet arrived from David Austin Roses.  When I signed up I thought it would just be their yearly catalog.  It is so much more.  There are tips on growing roses, a guide to the sizes of their shrub roses (I have a few that are going to be bigger than I anticipated!), guide to fragrance, how to plant etc.  It's full of beauty and garden inspiration.

4. I'm enjoying Angela Kelly's book.  It is a fascinating look at how clothing is chosen for events, how they are designed, behind the scenes of the care of items such as the garter robe, the state robe (worn to the opening of Parliment).  It's easy and enjoyable reading.

5. I haven't mentioned this book recently, so I thought I'd put it here in my five.  Paul Tripp's daily devotional is excellent and encouraging.  I highly recommend it.

It's been fairly gloomy here in Lancaster County.  Thankfully we've had pretty mild temperatures and so we are getting mostly rain and not tons of snow!  Much easier for driving!

Sarah is fever free, and back to work today.  She's going to be exhausted this evening but she can get to bed early.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. I am always delighted when the David Austin catalogue arrives. Trouble is...I want everything!

  2. Thank you for what you shared about Victoria...I had no idea that it had returned to its original format. Good to know.

    Gloomy days...yes, and challenging to make them sing. I hate that my disposition is so affected by weather. This should not be! 😁 The trees are cased in ice as it has been freezing rain today; yesterday was snow.

    Glad that Sarah is on the mend. May she have a good day at work.

  3. Enjoyed your delightful book post this morning, Deanna! Thank you. Love Victoria magazine (the classics under Nancy Lindemeyer are still top favourites). That David Austin rose booklet looks heavenly. And I'd love to read the Angela Kelly book about the Queen's wardrobe, etc. The devotional book looks interesting too, I'm not familiar with it or the author.

    I'm just working on a new post about my own book reads, otherwise I'd tell you here what I'm reading these days. :)

    Glad Sarah is feeling better. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.
    Brenda xox

  4. I haven't read anything on paper in way too long. I think it may be time to get a book in my hands!

  5. Thanks for sharing your reads! I picked up an intriguing book this week that my daughter-in-law loaned me and highly recommended . . . The Heart Mender: A Story of Second Chances. The author stumbled on a rusted can buried under a tree that had died in his backyard, and inside were buttons and photos and other things from WWII . . . but this was in Florida!

  6. Lots of interesting reading here. I've read mixed reviews of the Angela Kelly book about the Queen, but I'd still be interested in reading it. I just finished a very interesting book about Iran in the 1950s, a story of love and loss with a political backdrop that isn't too much. The Stationery Shop is its name.

  7. Great books! I bought two "New Morning Mercies" as gifts for Christmas:) It was highly recommended by another blog friend. I need to get one for myself, wink:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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