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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Tea On Tuesday

This is almost all of my tea cups, I have 9 in my trough on my kitchen table, and only a few of my tea pots. In fact the ones on the bottom shelf are very small and I don't usually use them.

It gives me great delight to have collected these, either by my own purchase at antique or thrift stores, or to have been given them as a gift.  

I use them yearly for the teas I host either in my home or at church.  

I also have some petite tea cups that I use when I have small children to tea.  They love them and are very careful with them.

For me having a nice tea party is not about stuffiness, or being old fashioned.  It's the chance to connect with others, to treat yourself to a unique experience.

“Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea! How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea.”
― Sydney Smith, A memoir of the Rev. Sydney Smith

“Some people will tell you there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Letters and Social Aims

“While there is tea, there is hope.”
― Arthur Wing Pinero, Sweet Lavender - A Comedy in Three Acts.

“Tea! Bless ordinary everyday afternoon tea!”
― Agatha Christie

I hope you have a lovely day, and a chance to have a cup of tea!


  1. You have a lovely collection. Are there a couple of favorites there?

  2. Your collection of tea things is beautiful!! We need to make time for tea together soon!

  3. Yes! I think beautiful teapots, teacups, etc. are works of art to be enjoyed as well as useful. I have an embarrassing number of teacups and saucers but collected over about 25 years. Some were gifts but most from thrift shops and Goodwill. I use some and have some washed and ready for others to use but a lot are displayed for visual enjoyment. I use either the same 2-cup teapot or the same yellow 4-cup teapot most of the time because they are sturdy. But the others can come out for tea parties (if only my girls lived closer!).

  4. Your teacups are beautiful!! I have a few treasured teacups that my mother gave me...I should get them out and use them more often.

  5. I still have some of my Mother's teacups and treasure them. It's so nice to have tea in a bone china cup sometimes.
    I do miss the mug and cup exchange that The Enchanting Rose used to do every year.

  6. I have a handful of teacups and I treasure them. I decided to inventory my tea supply over the weekend and found I have well over 300 bags of tea PLUS several packets of loose leaf tea. Time to start throwing some tea parties!

    Your tea cups are beautiful. I'm sure your yearly teas are lovely!

  7. What a pretty collection. I have a few tea cups from my mom. I keep them out for display, but I'm too afraid to used them. I love that you use them.

  8. I love all your teacups! And I love how you love tea and tea parties!
    AND....I love YOU!

  9. Your teacups and teapots are all so pretty. I have a mug of tea beside me as I read blogs this evening. It's blue and white china.

  10. Wow...I am so super impressed, truly I am. What a delightful collection, smiles. Have a great day, friend.

  11. Very pretty! I have a teacup collection but I only look at them! I have a sticker on the bottom of each saucer to remind me who gifted it to me. 💖


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