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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Home Keeping: New Recliner For The Living Room

We finally have replaced all the broken furniture.  We looked around this past weekend for a chair to replace a small scale recliner, and couldn't find anything we liked.  So we looked online, and found this one.  It has all the comfort my reclining loving family members want, and the style I love.

I really like the nailhead trim on this chair!

Today is Ash Wednesday.  We don't practice Lent, in our faith tradition, but I wanted something to read as preparation for Easter this year, and found this book a few months ago.  I'm a fan of C.S. Lewis and am looking forward to reading it.

From the inside book cover

" Preparing for Easter is a collection of beautiful gems discovered amidst Lewis's essays, poems, letters, and other works that are not as familiar to most of his readers.  But all of them serve the same purpose that pervades Lewis's work, the goal of going "further up and further in" in our relationship with God."

I trust that as we prepare our hearts and look to Easter, that foremost in our mind is that Christ gave his live, willingly, out of love.  There is nothing we can do to earn it.  Salvation is a gift of God.


  1. Gorgeous chair!! I love something that looks great, is functional and cozy...very nice! C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite religious authors...such truth and beauty in his writing, a perfect way to prepare for Easter. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. C.S. Lewis is my mentor through his writings; I trust this book will be a great guide in Lent and looking to Easter. Yes, salvation is not earned, if we ask Jesus for salvation he gives it. What a gift.

  3. I better not show my husband that chair, grin.

    We don't practice Lent either, we are born again Christians/Baptists. Beautiful message, my friend. smiles.

  4. Great looking chair! The book by CS Lewis looks like something right up my alley. Lent is a relatively new concept in my faith, and certainly not related to earning salvation, but a way to prepare my heart for the grand celebration of Jesus's death and resurrection. I am learning so much to appreciate the rhythms of the Church calendar, and some of the rich liturgy.

  5. What a nice chair! Do you think you need two? ☺️

  6. I can't get my head around ordering a chair online but I'm glad you are happy with yours. It must have come in a big box and I'm sure you didn't have to put it together!

  7. Wow! Beautiful. And I forgot it was Ash Wednesday until I left the house and saw everyone with ashes!


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