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Friday, March 20, 2020


It seems that everyday there is something new.

Last night our Governor put out more work shut downs.  Thankfully Tim is still able to work, and so is Sarah.  Rachel will work her office job three days a week, but she's not needed right now to nanny as the mom is home.

Our sweet friend Luisa's plans have been changed.  She was to be here until the end of the month, but with the new changes in New York State, Word of Life has gone to all online classes through the end of the school year.

We thought this would mean she would be with us for a few months. However, WOL has decided to take all their WOL missionary kids, of which she is one, and have them stay altogether at the Florida campus.  This is being done to give their parents peace of mind about their kids who are in different parts of the world.  So she leaves us tomorrow morning.

At dinner last night, Tim prayed for those having to make hard decisions, for those who are without work, and for those who are sick.

We want this quarantine and self isolating to work!  We're doing what we can to be part of ''flattening the curve.''

Lastly, I want to leave you with a link to "A Liturgy For Those Flooded By Too Much Information," by Douglas McKelvey. You can find the liturgy, and several others {here}.  

I'm going to share a snippet with you here - 

"In a world so wired and interconnected, our anxious hearts are pummeled by an endless barrage of troubling news. We are daily aware of more grief, O Lord, than we can rightly consider, of more suffering and scandal than we can respond to, of more hostility, hatred, horror, and injustice than we can engage with compassion."

I hope you all are well. I'm praying for you.


  1. That liturgy sounds spot eyes perked up on the “scandal” bit. That’s what has me most concerned and, as he said, it’s beyond me. I’m leaving it with The One Who knows what to do. I can pray. Always.

    How interesting about your visitor being called to Florida campus for the duration. I am sure that the missionary parents would have peace of mind. I don’t have peace of mind about flying just now, though. I can pray. Always.

    Stay well and content. What kinds of things are you doing to keep yourselves busy?

  2. Beautiful post, Deanne. Lovely updates from your corner of the world. Thank you for those words from Douglas McKelvey. Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Stay safe. Brenda xox

  3. A very lovely and thoughtful liturgy.

  4. ...and we are praying as well. We are completely shut down here in NY. The governor pretty much gave us an order to stay in (although his words matter motto is confusing, just keeping it real). ANYWAYS, I just wanted to comment on your header photo, I really love it. Thank you for the many smiles you bring to the blogging world.

  5. Prayer will get us thru this! We are staying in and away from everyone, doing our part. Safe travels and good health for Luisa! Enjoy your time in your home, HUGS!

  6. A thoughtful liturgy in this time when things are changing so rapidly.


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