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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Garden:Starting Seeds

I decided to try to grow some cottage style flowers to add to my English Cottage Garden. I use this garden as a cutting garden, and it makes me so happy.

I've started three kinds of Hollyhocks, English Poppies, Snapdragon, Calendula, two kinds of Cosmos, three kinds of Zinnia, German Chamomile, two kinds of Lavender, Painted Daisies, and Nasturtum Alaska Blend.

I set the seeds outside for a while yesterday, and when the plants come up, I will slowly harden them off.

Some of my seeds are several years old, and some are new, so I'm interested to see just what actually grows.  I've heard that perennials, in particular, are hard to grow from seed.  The Impatient Gardener says that she buys plants to put into her garden.

Do you know the Impatient Gardener?  I found her on YouTube and have enjoyed her videos, especially her garden tours.  She gardens in Wisconsin and I like her practical approach to gardening.

I also like to watch Gardener's World on Britbox.  I like gardeners who show you the good, the bad and the ugly in their gardens!  It makes not lose heart when a plant has a bad year, etc...It happens to everyone!

It's very spring like here but Monday and Tuesday the forecast is saying a chance of a wintry mix or snow showers.  We'll see.  The temps are to be in the mid 40-50's.

I hope you are well, and finding peace in the slower pace of life that we are all living in. 


  1. I'm not much of a gardener myself (preferring things that come back year after year without my help!), but I can appreciate the beauty of the process and results when others grow beautiful things!!

  2. How fun to get a headstart on your garden. May your tender care work to bring them all along. Off to check your link.

  3. I know they will be lovely when they come up. We've got a real spring day in NYC today. It even smells like spring. I will be excited to see them when you share them. Take good care!

  4. What a lovely, blossom-filled garden you will have. This morning I put my sweet pea seeds into water for soaking before planting them tomorrow. I'm going to direct sow a few vegetables, as well, and investigate which of my flower seeds I can start. Zinnias (indoors) for certain.

  5. I can hardly wait to see your garden in full bloom! Hollyhocks have always been a favorite of mine...I might try my hand at them this year. I hope all of yours turn out beautifully!


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