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Friday, November 6, 2020

A Little More Election Talk


I took this photo this morning.

 Well, it's Friday and we still have election fraud going on.  We've all seen the reports and videos on our social media and yet the msm keep saying its not true.

That reminds me of when the violent riots were going on in Oregon, and Minnesota and Wisconsin, but the msm and the democrats said it wasn't true.  In fact, a NY Rep said that it was a myth.  But when people kept showing their videos of what was happening in their towns and sometimes neighborhoods the msm finally had to admit that it was happening.

Of course one reporter famously stood in front of a huge fire and said that the "fiery protest was mostly peaceful."  Yeah, tell that to the business that got burned down.

I've heard that there were watermarks on the official ballots, and I'm hoping that if that is true, it will all come out.  To counter what the left and the msm are doing to steal this election, it has to be something irrefutable. 

This really is about so much more than a four year election.  Its about truly rooting out the deep corruption on our country.  (This is why the left is working so hard to get Trump out of office.) This is not a quick process.  Frankly, its scary, and we know that the deep state will not give up their power easily, because all their secrets will come out.

I also want to mention that the deep state is not only dems.  There are many Republicans involved, too.  Think about what is happening.  I've seen video of people filling out ballot after ballot, I've seen poll watchers, both dems and repubs, kept away from the ballot counting.  One place they put up cardboard on the windows so that no one could see in.

Here in my county we had 108, 539 requests for mail in ballots (this is different than absentee ballots). 89, 681 were returned, yet 142, 584 mail in ballots were counted.  Fraud.  

On this gorgeous Friday in November, I am bringing hope as the message.  Hold fast friends, and pray.  

ps - I post based on what God has put on my heart to write.  I do want to post about my home, my family, and I will, but this week, I have felt it so very important to talk about the election.


  1. I agree with all you say here. It is mostly liberals who post their political views, so thank you. I am concerned about your county and the number of legal ballots sent out and the number returned. How can that be? It sounds like fraud. Sadly, enough to tip the election.

  2. Oh my Dear, I want to read your words. But I am still making myself avoid all news.

    At this particular time, it is _very_ necessary, here.

    But thank you, for continuing to give your views! It is so hard to find anything, not following the "Approved Agenda"...

    Gentle hugs,

  3. I hope that all of their secrets do come out. And I love your counsel to "hold fast, and pray". There is a God in heaven who reveals secrets!

  4. Feels as if we're on a Nantucket Sleighride. When I have done all that I know what to do, I go to prayer. The Lord knows how all this will resolve. Much too soon to throw in the chips. You are very brave to discuss it...I see no one else in Blogdom doing it. I'm proud to know you.

  5. Thank you for these posts this week. I've appreciated the comfort of your words of truth, wisdom and realness.

  6. And thank you for that. Your posts have helped me.....

  7. Praying and will not stopπŸ™πŸΌ Enjoy your weekend dear friend. Hugs

  8. Thank you...and I will say here in our county in western NY 79% overwhelmingly for the current President, however, NYC and Albany decided and voted Biden. NY stopped counting at 66% and we have sneaky feelings our vote(s) here didn't count. We are heading for another shutdown here, out governor will see to it. sigh.

  9. Thank you for continuing to post, Deanna. We need to have a conversation about what's really happening in our country. Certainly, MSM won't, so it's up to those outside the "system" to pursue truth. Every American -- no matter who they voted for -- should want every legal vote counted. Furthermore, nowhere in the constitution is the winner of the election to be declared by the media and Big Tech. It's absurd that they have done so, and that so many Americans have accepted their "declaration". I am beyond appalled at what I'm witnessing, and may I say that if Mr. Biden truly was honest when he says he wants to "heal the country", he would not in any way declare himself the "President-elect" at this time. He's stoking the fire. Instead, he should humbly acknowledge that he has not yet been elected, and he should demand that the claims of voter fraud be taken seriously and be investigated to the full extent of the law. In this way we put to rest all the skepticism. This is serious business, and should be taken seriously. And for all those RINOs who are not standing with the president and demanding a fair election: Shame on you! Shame on you for betraying our country in this way! May God hear our cries from Heaven and reveal the truth. The truth! Whatever the real truth is, that's what I want to see! Thanks, again, Deanna. Hugs.


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