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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Happy News!


Lindsay (my oldest daughter) and her husband Joseph have bought a house!  The housing market here in central PA has been on fire, people flee New York and New Jersey.  Houses are snatched up nearly as soon as they go on the market.  Its been wild.

They close in early December and Lindsay is full of plans.  They have about an acre and a half of land as well and this is a dream for her.  She is going to be taking the chickens to live at her home, and she has garden plans, and is getting a dog.  All things she loves.

The Burning Bush is a deeper red than my photo shows.  This chicken coop is going to Lindsay's new home, too.  We will then take the dog run down and I want to use this cement pad as a sitting area, and get a fire pit for this space.

The house is about 10-15 minutes from here and is a log cabin style home (about 1200 sq ft) with a small conservatory. There is some updating they want to do in the kitchen, but overall they are just going to paint before they move in.

We are really excited for them!

It's rainy here today, but I took a few photos of the property.

This is a mulberry tree.  

My rose next to the deck is producing again.  The weather has been so mild!

This small burning bush is a different color than the other two by the chicken coop.  They were all purchased at the same place and planted at the same time.  Its amazing how the different location has made such a difference in their growth.

Also, do you see that yellow house across the road?  An Amish family lives there.  They took a walk on Sunday and came past our house. I hope to get an opportunity to meet them.

Keep praying friends. Much is happening, and I believe that people are beginning to recognize that their has been much fraud (not reported by msm) and that this election is not over.  


  1. Congratulations to the new homeowners❤️ There is beauty all around☀️ Have a blessed day dear friend. Hugs.

  2. It is so exciting that Lindsay and Joseph are buying a house, with room for all of the things that she loves!! (Also exciting that it is close!) It will also be fun for you to make the changes at your own house that are fitting for this chapter of your family's life.

    We have lots of color in our world too! Foliage was so late to peek this year, but here it is and I am loving it!

    1. Coming back this evening to say peak . . . PEAK!! (Not PEEK.)

      For Heaven's sake. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. AWESOME NEWS! Congratulations! We are still talking about moving, PA sounds nice. Mansfield area is beautiful (an hr south of here). We can't move far due to the fact we are conservators for my mother in law and her husband. I saw a house for sale with 28 acres for $238,000. I told hubby pack up, lolol. One day...hanging on with my current job ---my 90 day probation is up on Dec. 24. smiles

  4. congratulations to your daughter and son in law! the property and home seems dreamy by my estimation. swOon. looking forward to a glimpse if possible.

    and yes. you know i'm in complete agreement as to the current el*ction status.


  5. 🎶I can hear the stirring in the mulberry tree, and I know, I know, I know the move is on...🎶

    Warm congratulations on the purchase of a new home. They will have such a marvelous time of creating home. So happy for them!

    Yes, ongoing 🙏🏼

  6. My son and his family closed on a house in our county and are slowly moving in. I'm very happy to have them closer again. He found during COVID that he could work from home when he is not traveling so they decided to move closer to their families and former church.

    Your daughter is going to LOVE that house! We have the same thing here, houses are selling almost immediately.

  7. Great news for Lindsay. Look forward to seeing the changes that they will be making.

  8. That's so exciting for them! What fun you all will have decorating a new house.

  9. Hooray for them!

    Yes, I'd get out of NYS if I could!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I already commented, but truthfully, I was in a hurry and did not see all of your post.

    Yes, there has been horrible stuff, with this election. But I have no hope, for the outcome to be different, than the MSM has already "decided". The Liberals will not let it get away, this time.

  11. Oh how exciting!! Congratulations to them, and lucky you to have them so close by.


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