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Friday, November 20, 2020

Friday Five

 Hi Friends! Another week has quickly come to an end.  We had some family visiting for part of this week, and it was a joy to see them.  Otherwise it was a school week for Kyle and I and then a grocery shopping and errand day with Rachel yesterday.

1. Our nephew got married in February to an awesome young woman.  They are missionaries in Africa and will be leaving to go back to Africa in February.

2. and 3. I am loving my candles at night.

4. I have these set on a timer, so they come on at about 5:00pm and go off about midnight.

5. Some one asked about this diffuser when I posted it earlier this week.  It is small and from Young Living.  It has three settings for time I usually have it set for three hours.  I am probably going to send this back to school with Sarah after Thanksgiving.  If you are interested in trying any Young Living products, you can contact me and I'd be happy to help you get started or you can just order through me.


Beside a babbling brook... said...

I guess I am *afraid* of settings, with automatic candles. LOL Put some up, outside, on back fence, just for fun decoration, in summer.

I set them, to simply stay on....from sunset. But in not too long, they went their merry way. And do all the fancy on-off and "jiggle" kinds of settings. But they are funny and cute, and we do not have to look at them, all the time.

You can see why I am leery of my setting ability!


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

I love the faux candles and use them on the mantle so I needn't worry about fire - but I burn my fav candles from morning till bedtime every single day. I spend a small fortune on good candles. By far my very favorite candle company is Tyler Candles.

Your family pic is awesome - what a happy sweet pic.

Bless your missionaries! Scary time to be so far and to be flying.

Hope in your errands and such you are being safe and protective.

Stay well, dear lady.

Cheryl said...

That is a great family photo! It looks like everyone was happy to be together!

How fun to have candlelight glimmering during these long evenings!


  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday, doing things around the house, and then we swam. Kyle and Sarah left after that...