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Friday, November 13, 2020

Five On Friday


Rachel asked me last week if I'd help her and friend Jackie make Christmas wreaths for their homes.  "Jackie asked if I knew anyone who knew how to make wreaths.  I said, "My mom! She'd love to help us!"  Yes, I would and yes, I did!

But I should say I just guided them in picking out the things they'd need at Hobby Lobby, and gave advice while they made them.

Didn't they do a fabulous job?! They were so thrilled at how they turned out, and very pleased to have made them their selves

Jackie made two, one is for her Mom, whom she will see at Thanksgiving.

The photo above of the red plaid ribbon is mine.  I bought a new green wreath this year, and was working on a new plaid bow.  I think I'm going to make the bow bigger.

Hobby Lobby has most Christmas items 50% off right now, if you need supplies to make your own wreaths.  The key things to think about are texture, colors, and over all look you're going for.  

Rachel had an inspiration photo, showed it to me and I told her that would be easy to make.  Jackie liked it too, and used inspiration from it but added her own touches for her mom's wreath.

Of course we listened to Christmas music, and then drank hot tea, in real tea cups.  It was just what my sometimes lonely heart needed.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

ps - chins up, friends. Remember the what the media says doesn't make it true. They are trying to give you the illusion that this is a done deal.  There is no "Office of the President Elect." Never has been, never will be.  NO state has yet certified their votes, and some states that the media called for Bid*n are actually moving toward DJT.  Pray and trust.


  1. Love your whole post!!!!!!!


  2. Beautiful wreaths! Yes-I'm trying hard not to be discouraged about the election. God is in control!

  3. Right. Just call me President-elect Vee from now on, k? 😉

    Oh my! The wreaths are all so pretty! Yes, very well done, ladies! I'd be proud to have any of them on my door.

  4. gorgeous wreaths!
    wish i could have squirreled my way in to this party.

  5. Beautiful post and photos! I love the idea of a wreath making get-together complete with Christmas music and hot tea! The wreaths all came out so beautifully!

    So right about the media. "Office of the President Elect", my foot!

  6. Beautiful wreaths, and pretty young ladies. Love the buffalo plaid bows. So nice to have that special time with them. Thanks for the encouragement on the election. I watched an interview of Jonathan Alexandre, one of President Trump’s attorneys who was involved in the Michigan poll problems. He shared a lot of information that will be presented to the courts. Very telling. The election is NOT over, no matter what the media says. Humph! :)

  7. Beautiful wreaths, and tea in real teacups, how lovely. and what your said about the contrived "office" and msm

  8. Beautiful centerpiece!

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. Deanna...these wreaths are just stunning! Great job!!!!

  10. Lovely wreaths! Fun to see. Hopefully come January 20th we will know for sure who the President is. Hopefully.

  11. What stunning wreaths, love the huge bows! Beautiful work.

  12. Fun project! They did a great job!!


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