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Monday, November 23, 2020

Weekend and Election Talk

 The weeks of November are flying by, and we are now at Thanksgiving week! This weekend Rachel and Wes used our home to host a 'Friendsgiving' gathering.  They had a total of 4 guests, so with Rachel and Wes, and us (who they kindly included) there were nine people at the table.  

The centerpiece was a collaborative thing.  I suggested some of my dried hydrangea and candles.  She decided on the battery ones, and added a few of my ceramic pumpkins. I forgot to get a photo of the table completely set, but we used white china plates with silver trim, clear crystal stemware, cloth napkins in deep fall colors.  It was very pretty.   

I've left the centerpiece because its so pretty, and if I don't think up a new design, I will use it for our Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Now, I don't want anyone to worry about us having guests.  We've known these young adults for years, and they are very responsible.  In fact one couple that was planning to attend, did not come due to the young woman being exposed to covid.  She's been isolating, and is not ill, but they decided to be careful and not attend.

This is what we can expect of mature adults.  We don't have to be forced into choices, we can freely make good choices on our own.

Another exciting thing that happened on Saturday is that Tim got the new picket fencing sections up! I don't know if the weather will hold for us to paint them before winter, but they will be painted white, like the posts.  I'm very happy about this!

In election news, so much has come out hasn't it?  Why would votes from the US go to foreign countries to be counted?  Why did the military seize servers in Germany?  Why won't the people who run the voting machine company come to my state to answer basic questions about their system?  Why have they moved out of offices in Toronto shared with the Tides Foundation (Soros funded), and other progressive groups?  Why have they deleted their linked in profiles?  Things are heating up.  The msm is working hard to make it seem as if DJT is trying to steal the election, when the opposite has happened.  This is about more than DJT getting another term as president.  This is about fixing election fraud that has gone on for many years, and insuring that We The People can have confidence in the election process for years to come.

There are layers of darkness that elected officials have been involved with for years, and all of that must come out, too.  People will not want to know this information, its vile, and good people will hardly be able to accept much of it.  But it must all come out.  Pray for people that their eyes will be opened, and they will see what's going on.  We've been feed information for a biased media for years, and told that the media is honest.  It's not.  

Did you know all media companies are owned by six corporations?  Look it up and see who owns what companies, and then ask yourself if they control the narrative.  There are those who think that the social media platforms may shut down, not just censor, when a lot of the evidence for the fraud comes out.  Remember, this is not about just this election.  Its about rooting out long standing corruption.  

I'm continuing to pray, but I have confidence. Chins up everyone!


  1. I applaud your confidence.

    But I can not share it.

    This level of lies, corruption, manipulation, etc., has been building up for too long. *THEY* are determined to make it a full sweep, this time.

    And there are too many Non-Bothering-To-Think Citizens, with *Them.* Heedlessly walking into the abyss. And those who have been "Digging for Information," are being swept along, with them.

    Sorry to be so pessimistic. But I am.

    Our Glorious Country, was a wonderful attempt, at a true Republic, for 200 years. But look at History. Good things do not endure, forever.

    I am grateful that I was lucky enough, to live so much of my life, in the Wonderful United States of America. When it was a living-breathing-Republic. We fought to keep our Freedom. We lived it. Sadly, we are here, to see it die.


  2. Your words ring so true. I pray every day. The truth HAS to come out!!!!!

  3. When we begin to get anxious, and full of fear - remember that the Bible said this would happen. Keep your eyes on the prize - and give all your energies and attentions to praise and worship. NO ONE can take our love of God away. Even if we lose the right to worship in the way we choose, we must endure. We must be strong. We must be VIGILANT and not let things of this world keep us from mindful focus on what is good and real and true: GOD.

    To say I am disgusted with the world is the biggest understatement of my life. Those I love have shown true colors. Those I do not love have proven false beyond measure.

    United We Stand, Divided We Fall. In God We Trust. Amen. Sending you love, D. ♥

  4. Thank you yet again, Deanna.

  5. I love reading your posts. It gives me courage to know there are others, likely very many, who see what you and I are seeing and knowing.
    We must press on and walk each other to our Heavenly Home.💕
    ~ Lois ~

  6. Thank you.....I always need your encouragment.....

  7. I had stepped away from social media, blogs, etc. for quite some time. I just had to. But I sat down this morning and opened up your blog and started reading and I have to say, your posts say so much of what I believe. I felt great comfort while reading what you had written. I know many others who feel as we do. We just don't put it out there like we should. Thank you for sharing. I know God has a plan and He will reveal it when the time is right. I'm looking forward to checking in again!


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