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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Trees On Tuesday


Remembering the beauty of my Red Sunset Maples this autumn.


It's incredible, how quickly they've lost their leaves! In this last photo we really don't have many leaves at all, but you can see the pin oak in our neighbors yard through our tree!

Kyle mowed yesterday and then Tim used the leaf blower and the yard is bare and tidy again.  I do miss the leaves on the ground, but I know Tim is happy to have the job out of the way for the year.  

The neighbors pin oak is huge and has about a million leaves.  They blow our way so we will still have some leave blowing to do.  We are looking into ideas (finally) to replace the picket section on this fence, too.  I'm leaning toward vinyl lattice panels.

Regarding election news, I find it interesting that the dems are going forward with a narrative of Joe Biden being the president elect, when no state has yet finalized their counts and there are obvious voting fraud issues.  Did you know that the company that makes the voting machines used in many states (where the voting had 'glitches') is run by Nancy P*losi's chief of staff and Di*ne Feinst*in's husband is a huge investor?  Curious and Curiouser.  

Remember too, that Al Gore in 2000 was declared the winner for 37 days, but Bush won that election. 

They are trying to build a narrative so that when Trump is revealed to be the winner, people will think that he stole the election and will riot and go crazy. I've heard that they may even attack the White House. I certainly hope not!

There are so many years of corruption with our elections, and I think for it all to be fixed so that the citizen can be assured of fair and legal voting, there is going to have to be a big revelation of corruption. Maybe then we might have voter id, at the very least.

Every citizen should want fair, safe, and legal elections.  When one side doesn't want to take safe guards to insure this, it tells you something.

Pray for people to have eyes to see, to understand the process (just because the MEDIA says JB is the 'projected' winner doesn't make it so).  Pray for a desire to protect the election process for the future good of our nation.  This is about more than just DJT getting four more years.

Be at peace friends.



  1. Beautiful trees!


    *They* have been "crowned".

    Regardless of corruption in the voting process.

    Did you expect any different?

    All in charge of *Information*, would not allow, what happened in 2016, to happen again.

    I have no hope, for anything different.



    We are all going to need it!!!!

    EVEN those, who really did vote Dem./Liberal.

    When they fully find out, what they voted IN.

  2. Thank you again! the leaves were so very beautiful, and the "other subject" hit the nail on the head, as usual. I will join with you in prayer.

  3. "When one side doesn't want to take safe guards to insure this, it tells you something."

    When one side doesn't want to take safe guards to insure this, it tells you everything. I read a quote somewhere..."A wicked man will burn down his own country to rule over the ashes."

    My those gorgeous leaves took off way too soon! 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁

  4. It is just magical to watch how quickly the leaves fall and leave the bare blink and it's over....I have hope...for better days ahead....we NEED it....lovely photos Deanna.

  5. The trees around here are getting their color, but with the rain and the wind won't be here long. The Election makes me tired:( I have turned off all news, it is too much for me. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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