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Monday, November 30, 2020


 Kyle and I got back about 45 minutes ago from dropping Sarah at the airport, She's on her way back to school.  She'll be back in a few weeks for Christmas break.  Her school does trimesters rather than semesters, so they have shorter breaks.

The weather this weekend was beautiful. Sunny, mild temps.  It was a great weekend to decorate!

We got our tree on Friday, and got it in water. Tim started the lights, but we didn't have enough, so he we decided to wait until the next morning to get more lights and decorate the tree.

In the evening the tree started to fall forward, and would stay upright.  Apparently trunk is not in the middle of the tree as the shape would suggest.  Its toward the wall more.  Who knew? We got our tree at Costco and they are fraser firs and all tied up so you can't see the details of the tree before you chose one and take it home.

Tim's solution Friday night was the bungee cord to the curtain rod.  But he came up with a better solution on Saturday.  He cut two boards and screwed the base into them.  Now it is very secure and we have a red sheet and tree skirt around them and they don't show.

Everyone pitched in with the decorating in some way and the tree got done quickly.  Sarah hung all our stockings on my antique ladder.

Then the guys went outside with the garlands and got them hung!  Sarah and I came outside and helped and sat in the sun.  It was a beautiful day.

Here is our tree with the sun shining on it...

The tree is very pretty this morning, too.

We did get a garland and lights up over the kitchen cupboards, too. I am doing a bit of decorating at a time, so it's easier for me.  Though Kyle is really helpful to me when I need someone to climb up on a counter or put something up high. 

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Kay, my dil.  She got her results back and the virus has been detected, so she will continue to stay home.  She has no symptoms other than her lack of taste or smell.  So weird.  If she hadn't had that happen she would never have known that she had covid.  They are all fine at their house, and its hard for the kids to understand because no one is "sick." 


  1. Deanna, your tree is beautiful! I love a real tree and I miss the fragrance of them. My little tree which I shared this week is in our living room but I have the main tree which is decked out in red and gold in the family room. It's not quite finished yet. My middle son and his young son just got over the covid. All his family had to isolate for fourteen days but they are fine now. My son too had no sense of smell or taste. But they have both returned, so he is thankful to be back to normal. I'm very grateful that they weren't too ill. Some folks are not so fortunate. Thank you for sharing with my party this week, and I pray your dil will improve quickly, just as my son did. Blessings!

  2. Your tree is gorgeous, loved how it looked in the sunlight. I'm glad your DIL is feeling not too bad - we hope for a speedy recovery for her.

  3. Beautiful tree! Y’all did good 🌲

  4. Your tree is beautiful. Now it will not get dry before Christmas day? I am asking because I may get a real tree this year. We have always had an artificial tree. Thanks.

  5. what a gorgeously shaped tree!

    yep, we do what we gotta do to get them standing straight!

    lovely to meet you today ...

  6. pretty tree & decor, deanna.
    i put up some Christmas prettiness but first sifted through what i have to put in a "go" box. that box will "go" to a new home not ours. reducing our stuff. again. ;) the hubs put up our wreath and swag lights on the front deck railing and it looks so pretty. i'm so sorry to learn about your dil's positive covid result. sigh. interesting little fact: when i have a cold i've no taste or smell. all my life. every cold.

  7. BEAUTIFUL tree!!! Even before decoration. -smile-

    Good luck to your daughter in law and family. It would be wonderful if she has no more than this! Our grand daughter had little. Her father was not so lucky.

  8. Your tree is perfect.

  9. Ongoing prayers for your son's family. May they all remain vertical until this has passed them by.

    Speaking of vertical...your tree is a beautifully shaped tree and appears to be nice and straight. Good solution for keeping the tree standing. And it looks simply gorgeous.

  10. Your tree looks so pretty!! I'm glad Tim was able to come up with a solution for the lean . . . I once had a tree fall over on Christmas Eve and it was not a pretty picture. Yikes!

    I am glad to hear that Kay is doing well along with the rest of the family!!

  11. That tree is so full and pretty. I'm glad a solution was found for keeping it steady. Good news for your DIL, too. Happy December to you and yours!

  12. Your tree looks wonderful! I especially like the plaid ribbon. I heard on the radio that more people are getting real trees this year - maybe because going to a tree farm is one of the safer activities that people can do right now?

    Wishing your DIL a speedy recovery.

  13. A beautiful tree. We're hoping to get ours this weekend. Finding the solution to keeping a tree straight reminds me of the year ours fell over onto the couch, twice!


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