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Monday, November 9, 2020



I ran a few errands on Saturday morning, and came home to see a shower of leaves!

It's been an interesting weekend, hasn't it?  I'm appalled at what has gone on and the obvious participation by the msm to commit fraud on the American people.  It makes me realize that we always trust the msm and yet, how many years have they been lying to us and we were too blind to see it?  I'm sad at how many people are still blinded.

Every American should want all the legal votes only to be counted.  It is what makes us a Constitutional Republic. Without the believe in fair elections, why would anyone ever vote again?  Though, I think that what I'm seeing happen means that my vote doesn't matter.  If a computer program can steal votes from one candidate and give them to another, this election is suspect and so is every future election. 

I read something the other day that said 70 million DJT voters see that the election has been stolen, but are not out burning down cities.  I think when all the legal battles are over, the cities will be burning, and it won't be from T supporters.

A friend at church yesterday said that her elderly neighbor bragged to my friends' sons (who mow her yard for her) that she "voted three times.  Two mail in ballots, which were both counted, and in person, which was also counted." Guess what party this person votes for?  Sigh. I'm encouraging my friend to report that, even anonymously.

I am praying for our nation. Praying for eyes to be opened to the corruption on both sides! Praying that we might bring about a return to sticking to the constitution.  As Ben Franklin said, "We have a republic, if we can keep it." 

These photos and video were taken on Saturday, and when we woke yesterday more than half the leaves were on the ground.  Today is even worse and I'd say by the end of the week, they'll be bare.  Once they go, they go quickly.

But what a beautiful season we've had.  Beauty in the midst of ashes.

I also want to thank you all for your thoughtful comments.  I've only had one nasty comment which I didn't publish.  


Vee said...

Oh my! What is the matter with your friend's elderly neighbor? Does she not know how illegal that is? Perhaps she has dementia. I could have voted for John who has been gone to Glory for four and a half years because he received a ballot. I could have also voted for my niece who has not lived here for twenty years because one came here for her. I did see that the arrests have begun. Many people have been most unscrupulous. May God help us right this ship.

The trees there are glorious...I like leaf showers...mine are I can see all the way up to the main street handily named Main Street. 😁

Keep looking up!

Mrs.T said...

Amen! Indeed, may God help us right this ship. He is the only One who knows the truth and I do pray that He works in a mighty way in this matter.

Mrs.T said...

The trees there are indeed glorious! Our autumn was splendid too with the foliage lasting a lot longer than usual. A great reminder of God's power and majesty and His endless creativity. He can surely solve this election muddle and I am praying He will do it in such a way that all the world sees it is His hand.

We too continue to pray. I'm appalled too at at all that is happening, and it's rather sad that we keep having to remind people that no network actually decides who the president will be. Also that our current president is *still* the president for a good many weeks yet. So thankful that God is in control!

Bonnie Schulte said...

I too, will continue to pray. In my 81 years, I have never ever seen an election like this. God protect America and or wonderful president Trump. MAGA

Linda said...'s a fine line to stay focused on the right things.
I love a shower of leaves!!!

Estelle's said...

What a gift from God...right in your own front's simply magical to see the leaves fall....I am actually shocked to hear that all this is going on....let's pray the right voices are heard....thank you for sharing today Deanna!


  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday, doing things around the house, and then we swam. Kyle and Sarah left after that...