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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A Bit Of Physical Fitness Fun

 Yesterday was a primary voting day here in Pennsylvania. We had judges to vote on, and some local offices, then a few amendments to our state constitution.  Sarah and I went together mid morning to our local polling site, and for a few moments were the only ones there to vote. These are lovely volunteers who work every election. So I teased when we walked inside, "Voters are here!" We all laughed and the one guy says, "Did you bring a pizza?" More laughter. We voted, then left and went to lunch. On the way we discussed it. I said, "I'm going to order them a pizza!" So while Sarah and I had lunch, I did an online order for a large pepperoni pizza from a local business.  When we were done eating and chatting, we swung by the local business and picked up the pizza and made the delivery. 

They were busier than when we voted, but the still all got excited and happy that we brought them a pizza! "Can we pay you for it?" "Absolutely not! We thank you for serving here so we can vote easily in our township!" 

It made all of ours' day!

When we got home, Kyle and I read his history together. We are enjoying Eric Metaxas' book, "If You Can Keep It." Then Kyle and Sarah went to the gym.

Tim arrived home before they returned from the gym, and when they got here he was able to join them in a challenge they had decided to do on the way home: planks, side planks, then iron cross.

Tim works out every morning, and the kids like to challenge themselves to be able to be as strong as he is. Sarah was bemoaning that Kyle has a guys natural upper body strength and outdid her in pull ups at the gym. 

Meanwhile I got to be the dj "Mom put on some work out music!" so I chose an 80's rock station on Amazon music, and then Sarah and Kyle had already chosen a Christian artist called NF for the iron cross. They wanted to see if they could hold the cross through the whole song which was about five minutes!

I continue to improve with my back bit by bit and am hopeful that one day I might do at least the planks with them! 

As my Grandma Lily used to say, "You just don't never know!"


  1. I tried to do a plank once last year and paid for it with pain for days! Hahaha. Maybe one day...

  2. Did I miss a post about your back? Praying you feel better soon! I know you would rather be doing some of the exercises with them instead of watching. I haven't been able to go for walks lately and by the end of day, my feet and hands are all hurting. I told my doctor that the pain is impacting what I can do now.....she upped my dose of Celebrex and I think I'll be doing better now....

  3. We have our primary voting day June 1st. We will be sure to be there bright and early to make sure we give our vote to a Democrat and NOT a republican. Republicans are too busy kissing the ring of the one term, twice impeached clown to get anything done so it must be a Democrat if anything is to get done.

  4. Look at them! Woot!

    You are a nifty person getting the pizza for the the voting workers. They'll not forget the kindness.


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