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Friday, May 7, 2021

Friday Five

 This week's photos are of celebration and home keeping.

1. My dad turned 82 on Tuesday! After the week and weekend we'd had, we were extra thankful to celebrate him!

I found this tshirt online. It was from an ad on IG. I've never ordered like that but I took a chance and it is awesome. You can find this shirt {here.}

2. I bought two cream cake samplers from Aldi and it was perfect. We put a candle in each piece. There was not enough cake for 82 candles! 

3. I ordered new tea towels for my kitchen this week.  So many of my towels are old and stained. Finally, I reorganized the cupboard below the sink, and added a space for the 'rag towels' and then put some of my new towels into a basket on the counter.

4. I really like these towels. I've washed them and then I ironed them because they were pretty wrinkly. 

5. I have them right near the sink so they are ready for dish drying, or wiping up water.  

Sometimes it is the little things that make you happy!

I've been watching the Arizona audit with interest. I'm cheering them on, and so far they've been doing a great job. Some interesting bits of information came out yesterday. First thing was that the county supervisors never had the password to the ballot machines, which means they turned over the election to an outside company. The second thing was that there were "external devices" with daily up-to-date vote totals. These were taken offsite every night either by county officials (but they didn't have the password, remember?) or Dominion employees.

Also in Michigan, a lawyer working on the issue of fraud in the election, has shown they have proof of that the machines are capable of being compromised and that votes can easily be transferred from one candidate to another.

In the Wikileak's drop of HRC emails there are several that talk about meetings with Dominion, and one email mentions someone meeting with Soros to set up the machines to flip votes. This is why HRC was so certain she was going to be president. They had cheated, but didn't expect the huge vote DJT would get. This time they had a plan for it.

Interestingly, I believe that DJT and those who work for and with him have all the proof. I believe that they allowed this to happen. The people of this nation are now so aware of election fraud, of the corruption among our nations leaders, how we have allowed the people we've put into office 'rule' over us. We'd forgotten that they work for us. Our taxes pay their salaries. State legislatures are fixing election laws. Parents all over the country demanding changes for their kids at school and when the boards don't want to do that, the parent elect a new board! I'm seeing so many people realize that the citizen have the power to make change. We are awake now, and the small ruling elite are worried. 

What do you think will happen when the audit shows vast election fraud? A supreme court case United States vs Throckmorton set the precedent that "fraud vitiates everything."  How does that play out. Will other states now have the guts to do their own audits as well?

And if they find that there was an election steal, what will happen? Do we have a new election with all paper ballots and a hand count? Can they show that DJT won the election and should be inaugurated? If there is no elected government, then who is in charge?

It's going to be an interesting summer.


  1. Love that tee shirt! Happy 82nd to your dad!

    It is so true that those in the highest offices in the country think that we the people are here to serve them. Not so! We are in charge and they are there to serve the people. What we as a people do about this is in question, but I sure am cheering for those parents who are kicking school boards out and putting in good people. It takes a lot to find some of those videos because the media does its evil work and makes it disappear. I'm thinking of the young mother who fearlessly and righteously demanded that the mask mandate be removed for children.

    Well said, Deanna. It is going to be an interesting summer.

  2. That's a great shirt, I checked out the link. I love that you can customize the shirt. Fun! And thank you for the towel link, they are in my cart, I'm going to order them today. My towels are all old and have holes in them...or they're crunchy. I hate that. And yes...I agree...on so many fronts, this summer will be interesting indeed...

  3. What a great t-shirt for the birthday fellow. Happy 82nd to your dad. Yummy looking cakes. Love your new tea towels and that handy basket on the counter. What a great idea. And you're right about it being the little things that make us happy. It doesn't take a lot, does it? Happy weekend!


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