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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Cottage Garden: Late May Beauty

 Late spring and summer is when my cottage garden is at its best. The peonies are blooming right now and they are always stunning. I can never capture the color correctly of these with my phone. The true color is deeper not as 'bright' but they are just as beautiful. These also have a glorious scent like old roses.

These red climbing roses are so beautiful too! I tried editing the color because they are a blue undertoned red not orange red.

These are a David Austin rose called Scepter'd Isle. And yes, the battle of aphids has begun. I also have spotted lantern fly babies in my garden. 

I bought this climbing rose many years ago, and I believe it is a David Austin rose. I remembered the name was New Dawn, and DA has a climber called New Dawn.  I didn't even know who DA was when I bought this rose so many years ago now!

I'm growing strawberries in a pot on the deck and harvested 5 yesterday. I also lost five to birds or some other critter nibbling on them! 

It is, however, local strawberry season! If you've only every eaten strawberries from the grocery store, I am sorry. Those rarely have any flavor, but they've been hybridized so that they last and ship well.

Home grown, or local strawberries are the tastiest berries. They wouldn't ship well, but they are meant to be eaten quickly! They never last around here!

I bought five pints and promptly cut them up!  Yum!

How are your gardens growing? Do you have local strawberries?

Oh, and the hall bath project didn't get finished yesterday, but it will be done this week! Of course I'll show you!


  1. Beautiful flowers! The strawberries look yummy, but it truly is a battle to keep them from the critters! We have an early bearing peach tree that is loaded this year. We usually lose most of them to critters and storms, trying to wait until they are ripe to pick them. This year, we waited as long as we could and started picking when they started disappearing. I put them in a paper bag and loosely close it. They finish ripening pretty well and I will have 3 gallon-size freezer bags full when this last batch ripens.

  2. Everything looks so good...from flowers to fruit. We've tried growing strawberries, but the critters always seem to get them before we do. Maybe we'll try again one day.

  3. Mmmmm . . . Sarah brought us a quart of the strawberries that she and the children had picked locally. SO good!! Your garden is lovely! Hope you're able to win the battle against the pests. Looking forward to seeing your bathroom project!

  4. Our own strawberries are coming into season just now and they are so very sweet and soft! No comparison to those crunchy ones from other places. Peonies are not quite open here yet, but soon will be.


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