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Monday, May 24, 2021


 This weekend we worked on a project I've been planning for a long time, in the hall bath. The feature wall should be done tonight, and I'll show you the reveal tomorrow, but for now a preview of the room.

On Sunday after church we went to lunch with a friend from church, and then came back to our house for ice cream and coffee. We enjoyed the afternoon getting to know each other better and discovered a mutual love of American History and books. We had a great time together.

Then in the evening we watched episode 5 of The Chosen. We love this show. It can be watched on their free app, and cast to any device you want to watch it on.

 Oh, in other big news, Sarah bought her first car! I'll try to get a photo of her with it, and she started her summer job. She is finding that it pays to be a saver rather than a spender! She is also studying to CLEP an English composition class, and might try to CLEP another class this summer as well. This will allow her to earn her general ed credits and graduate with a Bachelor's degree when she finishes her three years at her school, or shortly thereafter. 

We finish our school year this Friday, and have our evaluations this week as well. Only two more years to go before I will have graduated all of my children. I am finishing up my 27th year of teaching.

I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. 😁 You have been teaching a long time.

    Sarah has done well. It is good to have ambition. It is also wonderful when the adult child no longer needs a chauffeur.

    You take hospitality seriously. Hardly a weekend goes by that you are not hosting. Wonderful.

  2. Your daughter sounds as if she has become a mature and wise young lady! Lovely....

    You have a wonderful history of home schooling. Something to be very proud of. I am so happy my Dear daughter in law next door, is home schooling their youngest. And maybe her one in HS, this coming year.... With this "JAB The Children" horror.

    The bathroom looks lovely already. tomorrow, for the revel part!

    And pretty new Header. At least it looks new to me. -smile-


  3. Congrats to Sarah on her new car! Exciting! Looking forward to seeing the bathroom project. It feel so good when something you've wanted to do gets done! Isn't it hard to believe that you're almost done with home educating? Oh my, how the time flies!


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