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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Sometimes It Can Seem As If Nothing Good Is Happening (political talk)

 Right up front I'm going to say that this is a chat about politics and current events, so if you don't like those things, feel free to pass this post on by! 

Someone I follow on Telegram, CJ Truth, shared these bits of good news. CJ Truth had a huge following on Twitter and after DJT retweeted one of his posts, post November 3rd, CJ's account was shut down. 

I also wanted to share this video with you explaining what Bellwethers are and why they point to something being wrong with the election.

Senator Rand Paul has been having interesting interactions, in committee hearings, with Dr. F. Have you seen any of them? Right after their last one, Dr. F has now begun to say that he "isn't confident" about whether Cov*d came out of the lab or not. Rand Paul said yesterday on the Senate floor, that while we may never know for sure (though I think we will know) whether the virus came from the lab, the animals from the wet market in Wuhan had been tested and none had the virus. He went on to say that they tried to give bats the virus and that bats weren't susceptible to it. However, he said, that the virus seems perfectly suited for humans.  

Friends that means lab manipulation. Was the viral leak an accident or on purpose to use as a biological attack on the world? I don't know that, but think of what the ramifications of that could be. Wow.

The senate passed an amendment last night that will keep the US from funding any 'gain of function' research again.  This is good. You can watch his remarks {here}and go to the time stamp of 3:47:58. 

So many interesting things happening. Don't be discouraged friends. 


Vee said...

Encouraging information. No, I did not watch the Rand-Fauci debate in their entirety, though I listened to a number of clips. I see that Fauci's approval rating is down by 42%. What took everybody so long? I haven't "approved" of him since week two on the stage. There was just something way OFF about him. Now we are all learning much more.

I liked the video discussing bellwethers, Informative indeed.

Trying to keep a stiff upper lip. Some days are better than others. 😏

Jan said...

Thank you! It is so easy to get discouraged these days-it's good to hear about what's really going on!

Mrs.T said...

Thanks so much, Deanna. We are out of town volunteering at a Christian camp. Although we have internet, we aren't finding time to keep up with our usual news sources. So encouraging to see all of this good news! ��

Linda said...

Thank you....and I knew what a Bellwether is. And I am not one to shy away from political talk, wink.

Bonnie Schulte said...

Thank you for your political views, I always read them. (same as mine)


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