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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

It's Been A Year - Addition Talk

 My parents moved in with us a year ago!

It has gone by quickly, overall. When they sold their home it was to take advantage of the real estate market, and we definitely did. They got an excellent price for their home.

It was also with the idea that they would build an addition. However, my dad got increasingly troubled by the economy and was worried about the price of everything increasing and supply chain issues.

My mom misses having her own home, so when they return from a visit to my brother's home in Arizona,  we will be meeting with a contractor. The addition will be moving forward.

Basically, the addition will be a small living room, a bedroom, a "den" for my dad to watch tv, a bathroom, a laundry room, and a garage.

The laundry room would be for all of us to use, as would the kitchen and garage. Our zoning only allows for one kitchen.

We did have a design, but we have to redo it because we are not going to have two bedrooms in the addition. Also, we originally had the kitchen be the room you enter from the garage. Now we are thinking a laundry/mud room would be best for an entry space.

That means the kitchen would need to move in our original design. All this addition talk has me thinking of kitchen design again. It will not be a huge kitchen but it will be pretty and functional.

I love this hutch. I wouldn't even mind a free standing kitchen hutch like this! Very English Cottage! I also like the open cupboards on the lower section. I love using every day items as decor.

This photo is full of inspiration. I want to have a kitchen work table rather than an island. I've gotten used to that in my current kitchen where we had no space for an island, so we used the table as a work space.

Also moving the kitchen in the addition design will allow me to have more natural light! Huzzah! 

The work wouldn't start until after the holidays, but I'm okay with that. I'll keep you updated. It has been a challenge for me to have this take so long. I've learned to hold plans lightly. 


  1. How exciting. Our friends just added an addition to their home and property to move his invalid father and his mom to the new addition. It is a plus for the whole family. The kids can be with their grandparents and the whole family. It is a blessing to be able to do that. I look forward to hearing about that process.

  2. Have always loved the kitchen you've shown. I especially like no upper cabinets as it looks more like living space rather than a kitchen. I'm so glad for you all that a decision to go forward has been made. That's half the battle sometimes. It's going to be great!

  3. That is a gorgeous kitchen, and I feel like it is a space you would be totally at home in. I am so excited that your addition is going to happen!!

  4. That photo is gorgeous. I love everything about it and yes, I've always thought a freestanding cabinet in the kitchen would be fabulous.


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