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Monday, September 12, 2022


 We had a fun weekend.

As I said on Friday, our dear friends (who are family) are here unexpectedly, and what fun that has been. When you have friends and family who serve/served as overseas missionaries you don't take anything time together for granted.

This weekend, we did our usual shopping on Friday, plus went to a few places we don't go regularly. Like to get a pretzel from Immergut's. 

Large hand-rolled soft pretzels! Made for a nice lunch treat!

We bought cider at Kauffman's

It was a fun day!

On Saturday we ladies, including Rachel and my mom, went to brunch at Agape cafe in Strasburg. It is a very popular place, always full. We did call ahead seating and only waited a few minutes. Delicious!

A conversation at brunch about how we bought cappuccino chips at Aldi one year, lead to Rachel looking for other places to buy them in our area. (We use them in our cappuccino muffins if we can find them) Turns out a local discount grocer had them. We drove there after brunch and they had bags and bags of Toll House brand cappuccino chips for $1.97! I bought 10.

Rachel had a quick eye appointment after that to get contacts, then we headed to the Clay Bookstore. It's a Mennonite store known for maps and Jane wanted a new atlas from them. They also have a good used books section where I found some old Grace Livingston Hill books. They have a great selection of stuff for kids - stickers and books - and also school supplies. They have new books as well. 

On the way to the bookstore we stopped at Wilbur Chocolates so my mom could buy chocolate to take to my brother in Arizona next week. It's great chocolate. I grew up on Hershey's chocolate but Wilbur's is smooth and not waxy. Very delicious!

The guys had worked on Tim's Tahoe and when we got home they were still doing stuff. Tim and Rick love a good project together. For dinner we had Sloppy Joe's, corn on the cob, and watermelon. Easy and delicious.

Yesterday we were supposed to be outdoors for church. We were having a missions emphasis and afterward a pig roast meal together. Well, we had to be inside because it rained all day!

We still had an excellent day. The speaker was with World Help whom we partner with in Guatemala. The speaker was born and raised in the Central African Republic. His and his wife's story of how their lives were impacted by missionaries coming to their town in the CAR was so good. If you'd like to watch his message our church has a YT channel. Timberline Church. Yesterday's message is not posted yet but should be in the next few days.

We ended up talking with Cyrus and Julie (The speaker, I can't remember their last names) after the service and then sat together for lunch. 

We had a quiet afternoon at home. In the evening we watched Conspiracy Theory. My parents watch with the four of us, and Tim made popcorn! There is some language, but this is a really good movie.

Today, is rain most of the day. Tim is home, so we'll do a modified school day, then maybe play Hand and Foot and tonight we're going to dinner for steak.

I hope your weekend was full of good things, too.


Vee said...

Your weekend sounds very productive. Finding the cappuccino chips was definitely a score. Let the baking begin!

So glad that you had quality time with your friends. You grab the opportunities as they come along!

I finally made it to one of Sam's baseball games and, for that, I am very happy.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend . . . time with friends and family, delicious food, time for worship, and simple pleasures! Hope you enjoyed your rainy day! said...

Oh yes, I've been to some of those same places, especially the book store that you recommended. Clays bookstore- I still have one set of German stickers that are just lovely. They are of a farm scene. We also bought old National Geographic magazines that are from the months/years of our birthdays and also our grandsons' and anniversary. It is a nice place to visit. Love Lancaster County. Now we are near to the Ohio Amish towns again.


  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday, doing things around the house, and then we swam. Kyle and Sarah left after that...