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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Information Friday

Our sunset last night was very beautiful. The color was a bit deeper than my phone capture shows it.

I don't know if I'll be able to do a post next week, I'll be visiting my daughter and her family, but I'll try.

We are praying for Florida, and all who are still in Ian's path. My sister in law's family, our friends who were just here, and others we know are all just fine. Thank God. We know that many have suffered catastrophic loss.

Now some news.

This is incredible. I can't believe that a country would allow another country to have their own police to monitor nationals living abroad! 

Oh but wait! The US has allowed this, too?! What?! This is unacceptable!

What does China have on these countries? There are other nations who've allowed this as well. JB isn't the only one bought and paid for apparently.

Then there is this information.

Good news here!

Tim says he hopes all those fired went to work in Florida!

The Clinton's Foundation has always been about money laundering.

Before anyone forgets that it was the left that wanted to do away with the police, this video shows you want they actually said.

You can find it {here}.

Trump was talking this week about what is going on with the Russian pipeline attacks. This is very dangerous.

A leader from Poland thanked the US for the attack! What?! And a look back to what this administration was saying before Russian went into Ukraine this is pretty damning.

The MSM are all losing their minds over the new PM of Italy. This woman is not what they are saying. They hate her and they hate us for having the same ideals. If you listen to Bid*n and other world leaders, they are afraid. They are losing. The people of the world are winning.

It's been a horrible year for the stock market.

  Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. 😳 Most of this was purely horrifying. Some of it I apparently missed. I knew that Elon Musk purchased Twitter, but I thought he reneged on the purchase not that he sold it. To whom? Okay, I need to do some research.

    Say, did you hear that red heifers arrived in Israel from the US to be used in sacrifice according to Bible prophecy? They are six to nine months old. In 18 months or so, they will be ready for use. Interesting.

    That is a beautiful sunset. As you know, seeing others' sunsets is the only way I get to enjoy them. The treeline here is much too high and blocks the skyline.

    Thank you for all the information even if it is difficult to ponder. May God's will be done.

  2. Have a lovey and safe trip...

    Now, for October Eves.
    🍁 🌻 🍂 🌰 🍂 🌻 🍁

  3. Nice post thank you Jessica


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