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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Let's Chat

 We had a very nice meal together for Labor Day, yesterday.

Nate and Kay came over with the girls, and we packed the table full of people! We're going to have to start spreading out to the living room. Or start a kid's table! Ha!

Sarah had a few close friends over after dinner. We fed them, and they played some games, then began to talk. They all have hearts to walk closely with the Lord and to make walk alongside others as they learn about the Lord.

Sarah, Nick, and Laura grew up together at our old church, and are such close friends. The hour was very early this morning when they finally all realized they were tired and were shocked to find out the time! LOL!

I was blessed to be a part of their later night conversation. It was so good for my spirit!

Family genetics are fun! Here is a photo of Nate's daughter from Sunday

And a photo of Tim's brother's daughter (our niece)about 25 years ago!

I wanted to address a comment I got on my Information Friday post.

Deanna asked, "I'm curious about what you think about the papers President Trump took from the White House that were taken in the raid. Are the top secret and classified papers that President Trump had in his position and discovered in his home something he actually took or do you think they were planted by the FBI? Top secret papers shouldn't be lying around in anybody's home. If he were going to use them in his Library wouldn't it have been better to follow protocol and ask for them from the archives like the other Presidents have? "

First, all Presidents can declassify and keep any and all papers they want. They are not required to leave them with the archives and then ask for them for their libraries. 

When Barak Obama left office he too 30 million pieces of paper records. The plan was to have someone digitize them and put them online and in his library. To my knowledge this hasn't happened yet, but it's okay because he is allowed to have them.

Second, Trump didn't have them 'laying around' his home. They were in a secured area. Earlier this year, the archives sent a team down to check, and while they recommended a different lock on the room, everything was in order.

Third, the Secret Service protect all of Trump's homes. Not just while he is in residence. So in a sense these papers/records are also in the protection of the Secret Service.

The legacy media wants to be rid of Trump - they'd lie even if it lead to his death. Think about that, and awaken to the fact that they have told lies about this whole situation.

I hope this information helps, Deanna. 

It's raining again today, and it feels like autumn. We are getting quite a bit of color change.

Here is a reel I made for Instagram, and you can see the sumac in autumn color.

Sarah leaves tomorrow, so today will be busy with school and then helping her gather last minute items, like laundry soap.

Have a great day!


  1. Nothing better than an expanding group of family and friends and you're always such a welcoming hostess. Bring on the kids' table!!

  2. I love reading how you always are feeding and entertaining a house full of friends and family Deanna...your hospitality must be widely known and appreciated...bravo! Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

  3. Thank you, Deanna for sharing. I'm not really up on all of President Trump's homes and places he lives or if the secret service watches over the places even when the Trumps are not present. I'm not sure what tax payers are being charged for this, but I do know it's expensive. Do you know how many homes President Trump has that the secret service protects? I'll have to check this out.

  4. Do you have a link to your Instagram account? I'd love to check it out. Mine is @jennylovescharlie

  5. Happy trails to Sarah heading back to school. We are never quite ready for those partings. The conversation between her and her friends would have blessed me, too. Such a joy to hear how young people are walking out their faith.


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