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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

A Lamp Makeover


In case you missed my new bookcase that I shared yesterday, I wanted to share it again.

We are loving it! It's a bit darker than the demilune table at the end of my hallway. Remember this gem?

The colors are both just right in our home. Our friend Denny was here yesterday, and he commented on how perfect the bookcase was for the house!

The demilune table was purchased at a local 'junkin' kind of store. They have tons of vintage items, and some newer. When I bought this table last autumn, I also brought home an old brass lamp that was outside in their 'free' section. I didn't know whether it worked or not but I figured for free it was worth checking out.

When we got home we found that it did work, and I decided when the weather was right I'd take it outside and paint it gold to freshen it up.

Yesterday, I finally did it.

You can see how it was in rough shape.

Here is how it looked in the house, next to the couch.

Here it is in the evening. We will get a warmer light bulb for this lamp, but this classic style brass lamp is perfect here.

I love being able to give something new life and put it to good use for years to come. 

Not bad for free, either.


  1. Free is always good. I like your new header and seeing you and Tim.

  2. I Love 'free'!! lol
    Love the lamp...You did Good!

  3. Beautiful...and free? What a great score!!


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