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Friday, June 2, 2023

Information Friday


Sarah made it to Alberta last night with only one flight delay. She made it through customs and to her next flight with no problems. Her college roommate picked her up at the airport and I went to bed late but assured that our God had kept her and helped her every step of the way!

Today is our first day of summer vacation! I'm going to enjoy the break!

Now onto the information I have found to share with you this week.

Under threat of subpoena, Wray is going to bring the document to congress. Read about it {here}. 

I think I agree with Pepe Lives Matter on this.

I've already seen video of Nancy Pelosi being escorted out of the Capitol building. They are all walking calmly, her daughter is filming it all. Nancy Pelosi had said that leaving the capitol was harrowing (my word, but I can't remember her exact word). The video tells a different story.

If your regular news source isn't showing you the videos go {here}to John Solomon's Just The News website. I've linked the story about Nancy's daughter videoing her and you can see that video.

Have you heard of Adrenochrome? I think we are going to hear more about it in the not too distant future.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Information Friday

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