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Monday, June 5, 2023



Here are a few grands with their new Silkie chickens! They love their chickens!

We had a fun weekend. 

Tim and I have been enjoying the pool, and I'm so glad the water temp got warm enough for me to enjoy! Wes, Rachel, and Kamryn all came in the pool yesterday afternoon.

We are doing church services outdoors all this month, and the messages are all on the theme "This Is My Story" and four people are telling their story of how they came to the Lord. Our son in law Wes spoke yesterday. He did a great job, for his first real public speaking opportunity.

Saturday, Rachel and I went out yard saling. We didn't go super early, but we both found something at the first yard sale we stopped at. (she had looked up to see where yard sales were being held)

Rachel found a locally made by Amish book case, solid wood. It has a grey wash stain on it, and looks good in their apartment. Isn't her mirror cute? She made that with dowls and a mirror!

I found this bookcase. It's a lovely blue tone that works with my colors of my home, and not only holds the lamps (I was previously using a console table of my moms), but provides much needed storage.

I'm loving it in our living room! Now to do something about those endless charging cords!

We got notification that our permits are approved and ready to be picked up from the township office! Hurray! That was surprisingly quick. Now, to take a few trees down along our creek, and get started expanding the drain field of our septic system. We also have to move the tank, so we will be upgrading the tank to a new dual compartment tank.

Then the addition will begin! Wow!

I hope you all had a happy weekend. Keep looking to God and keep praying. The blinders are being removed from more and more peoples eyes. 


Kim said...

Wow, you both did really well at the sales. What great finds and congrats on the permit approvals, so exciting!!

Vee said...

How fun to see plans kick in. I really like the new end table/bookshelf. That blue is very nice.

Donna said...

Love what you both found at the yard sales! So pretty!

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