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Friday, June 9, 2023

Information Friday


Friends, I'm so saddened by the corruption I see in our government. To see the DoJ and the FbI used to persecute political enemies, is horrifying. Contact your Senators and Representatives offices and tell them you want something done to end this corruption! I have two democratic senators and they are not going to do anything to stop it.

The timing of all of this, of course, is to distract from the huge Biden Bribery scandal. They found out today that the FbI has at least two more 1023's against Biden. The current one has to do with a 5 million dollar payment from Burisma (the energy company that paid  Hunter B big bucks to sit on its board) to get the Ukrainian official investigating their company fired. Joe did it, and bragged about it. Watch that video {here}.

This is interesting.

I believe that Trump, as in all these cases, will be found to have done nothing wrong. However, they are setting precedents in actions against former presidents. It will backfire on them. It shows how desperate they are to keep him from becoming president again. 

Let's keep praying for our nation, for DJT and his family, and for ourselves to seek truth even if it is not what we want to hear. We've been lied to about so many things, and as the truth comes out I believe that many would rather continue to believe the lies, then recognize they were lied to. Let's not be those people!



  1. I look forward to your information Friday posts. You post what we need to know and what we don't always hear. So, thank you for keeping up with these weekly updates!

  2. Have you read the indictment? And do you know how grand juries work? A jury of his peers, in Dade and Palm Beach counties (both Republican) reviewed the evidence and voted to indict. Those are facts. The indictment is unsealed, and the facts (FACTS) listed within are horrifying. No patriot who cares about this country could possibly defend Trump's actions.

  3. Just sick of the biden regime.


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Information Friday

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