Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Words From A Three Year Old....

The other night, Kyle was tucked into bed but was having a hard time settling in to sleep.

He kept calling for have to understand the way this little man tugs at all our heartstrings, he is the dearest boy.

Emily went in to quietly talk to him and he said "Emma, I talked to God." She replied, "You did? What did you say?" "I told Him I wanted someone to lay with me."

So, of course she did!

Whenever you talk to him about being kind or obeying, he will say "but I want to." I'm telling you, he has our hearts wrapped around his - tightly!


  1. Such a sweet boy he is!! And for him to just "talk" to God reflects greatly on you and Tim's parenting! Three year olds are so fun and they have so much to teach us adults! I love to hear stories about little boys!!...wonder why ;-)

  2. I can certainly see how one couldn't resist those eyes.

    I LOVE three and four year olds. Every conversation with one is eye opening and often hilarious. Whatever they think comes straight out of their mouths, unedited. Downright entertaining!

  3. Look at that face!! So cute! He knows he can talk to God. He is learning!!

  4. You are not the only ones whose hearts he works on! My kids always want to be the first one that he comes running to on Friday nights. It is always a "kick" for him to run to them saying their names for a hug!

    What a sweet story.

    Becky K.

  5. "...but I want to."

    Oh dear - that'd just melt the heart off a glacier. :o) And isn't it so like us a Christians to our Lord (...but I want to).

  6. I enjoy the time I spend with my precious boy on Thursdays. He is a delight and I just love the way he runs to greet me. Sometimes when Grandpa and I are both coming he will bypass Grandpa to hug me first. I love it. Ha Ha grandpa. He is one special little (big boy).


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