Do you know the old saying "If it's not one thing, it's another?" That is how it has been with the girls lately.  Rachel had strep, Sarah a sinus infection, Emily and Sarah some kind of virus.

We had a wonderful time on Sunday.  Good church service, good fellowship meal, good men's meeting...are you sensing a theme?

After all that fun we headed home with a family from our church who live an hour away.  The older kids went outside to have a bonfire, a few younger siblings joined them as well.  Apparently something that was tossed on the fire must have had poison (ivy, oak? or something else) on it because Rachel started itching Sunday night.  Yesterday Emily woke up itchy too, then Lindsay mentioned she had a bit on her hands.  Later in the day Sarah started.  All but Lindsay have it on their faces.

We tend to be sensitive to it and end up with a steroid.  I made appointments to see the doctor this morning.  The mom of our visitors emailed me this morning.  She mentioned one of her boys had it and was pretty swollen.

I think we will stick with wood from our woodpile from now on.

I need to get going. Sarah has a dentist appointment then I need to run them to the doctorDid I mentioned we had 6 inches of snow last night?  The roads are passable so off we go.


  1. Oh No!!!

    I am sorry....yet another interesting week in store!

  2. My goodness, sounds like it's been a rough week for you all!
    I hope things clear up for you and you get a rest from the sickness.

    All of our snow is gone now. =(

  3. I hope all start to feel better soon.

  4. Sorry to hear everyone is itching! We've had a couple of weeks like that, too, where it's just one thing after another...

    Hope they feel better soon!


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