Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I Did While Waiting For The Storm...

 Rachel wanted a new skirt.  She picked the fabric, she mentioned tiers and wanted the edges to get ravely. 

 I cut it out and sewed it yesterday afternoon, while we were waiting for our winter storm that came very mildly.

 The edges will ravel after it has been washed.  I turned out very cute and fresh for spring, which I am hoping will sneak in early this year.

Ice came last night, late, with it coating the trees and not the roads, thankfully.  We have many small branches down in the yard, but we never lost power.  This is a blessing.

I have several things on my mind today...

Our fridge is dying a slow death which means that soon we will need to replace the compressor.  I am thankful for the opportunity for Tim to work some overtime.

I am paying attention to what is going on in Egypt.  Glenn Beck has had some interesting shows about what is going on there besides what we 'see' on our screens.  Such rippling effects on the whole area of the world, which could affect us in many ways.

I am thinking of this family.  There sweet daughter has been fighting a brain tumor for over a year.  They had come to a place where it seemed as if it were in remission, but an MRI this week showed signs of growth and new spots.  Sigh.  So hard and gut wrenching to hear of Kate sobbing "Why, Daddy, why? Why hasn't Jesus healed me?"  I don't know why God has chosen this path for this family, this child, but He does.  I am praying and have been.  Will you join us?

I need to go...we are going to have family devotions.  Tim also has been leading discussion out of a book by Ron Blue "Master Your Money."  We are learning a lot. 


  1. Cute skirt! I hope that you feel better this afternoon, dear friend.

  2. You sewed a lovely skirt, and I am with you on the concerns you share.

  3. You make me wish I enjoyed sewing.
    Rachel will love wearing that skirt.
    I believe that Spring might come early this year because the bluebirds have been checking out Georgia's box already.

    I'll go visit the link you gave for the little girl with cancer.

  4. I love the skirt!! And I will pray for Kate. I hope you stay warm and have a most blessed day.

  5. Love that is so cute!! Sorry to hear about the fridge. So hard when appliances go on the fritz, but you won't have to worry about keeping things cold with snow outside. :0) Saying a prayer for Kate and family.

  6. Love the skirt! I'm so ready for spring. Flowers and gardens! I can't wait.

  7. That skirt is so adorable, and I love the spring colors too.
    I just read the story of little Kate. I'll be praying for her.

  8. You are so talented. The skirt is beautiful. Texas has had a big storm too. 4 days straight all schools and many businesses were e had ice and snow...I actually liked being held captive in my little house.
    Stay warm.


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