Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kyle Is A Reader!


My little guy, Kyle is learning to read.  He is my earliest reader.  He just has a mind to absorb knowledge. 

For many years I have been reading about a phonics program called "Alpha Phonics" by Samuel L. Blumenfeld, and decided to use it with my son who is five and as a help for my Sarah.

  It has been fun to watch him learn and to see his eyes light up when he recognizes words.  The other day he asked me to help him read a book.  He did most of the reading, I helped him with a few words but he really did it!

We have a few books that he practically has memorized, but even with those he 'reads' them - just knowing what the words say and looking at them while reciting is reinforcing it in his mind!

I have found that Alpha Phonics has been a great help to my 8 year old struggling reader as well.  It has given her confidence in her reading that she didn't have before.

Teaching them to read is truly one of the most satisfying things about educating my kids at home.  I have loved sharing my delight in reading with them.  

If a person can read well, with understanding, they can teach themselves anything!

Welcome to the world of knowledge, ideas, and the gaining of wisdom, son.


  1. I am using this right now also. Seems to be working well, very quickly. Hoping this will be an answer to my prayers!

  2. It *is* a great feeling when your child starts to "get" reading. It opens so many worlds to them.

    Congrats to both you and Kyle-it's a big deal!

  3. Yep! He'll be graduated by 12! lol

    I loved that he was so excited to read the signs at Longwood. So much fun!!

  4. Congratulations to Kyle! I loved teaching my children to read, too. I hope this program makes the difference for Sarah, as well.

  5. I used Alpha Phonics for all 5 of my kids and LOVED it! And they did too! :) I agree, teaching my kids to read has probably been one of the most satisfying highlights of homeschooling!

    Have a lovely day!

  6. Congratulations to Kyle. I love this part of homeschooling too. I've often said that my goal is to teach them to "learn how to learn" and to "love the Lord, and desire to serve Him". Everything else is secondary.
    Have a wonderful day!


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