Monday, August 25, 2014

Goin' To The Chapel

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We were privileged, last evening, to attend the wedding of a young woman and a young man whom we have known for many years.  The bride Emily, her sister Elizabeth, and Lindsay and Emma have been BFFs for many, many years.  These girls are so dear to us.  The groom is the son of Becky of Hospitality Lane.  

The wedding was at a lovely location called the Eicher Arts Center, in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

 The historic building is very small, so the ceremony was outdoors, on the loveliest evening we've had in a weeks.

 Everything about this wedding was personal.  The bride planned it all and it really reflected their style.

 I caught the groomsmen praying for the groom before the service.

 Mama of the groom, and the papa following behind.  Oh, and my 'papa' in the red shirt.

 The lovely Mother of the Bride.  My friend Belinda and her husband Carl have given two daughters in marriage this year!  One in May and this one in August!

Chelsea, sister of the groom.              Becca, sister of the bride.              Elizabeth, sister of the bride.

 Sisters and bridesmaids.  The brides two cousins were also bridesmaids.

 Here comes the bride!

On a side note, aren't the flowers unique and beautiful?  The bride has studied horticulture and works at a greenhouse.  She knew exactly the flowers she wanted, and also incorporated succulents.  My friends Susan (who did the flowers for Lindsay's wedding) did the flowers for this wedding, too!

 Everything was so personal.  The pastor is Emily's family's pastor and also their family was part of the homeschool group we used to be a part of.  There was history there with so many of the guests too, so it was a true family wedding.

 Beautiful part of the service with the parents, grandparents, and pastors of the bride and groom coming up for some silent prayer time to bless the couple.  At one point the bride was looking up at her groom, and he reached out and gently wiped tears from her face.  It was a very tender, sweet moment.

 The Kiss!

 The building is an historic house built around 1734.  It is small inside.  They squeezed 109 guests inside!  Thankfully this location has a great covered porch that was used for the food, which was amazing, provided by our friends, Tom and Vivien Law of The Laws of BBQ.  I've never had such amazing chicken!

 Close up of the flowers on the head table.

 The wood center pieces were cut by the Best Man.

 This was how they did the place cards for each guest.

These wooden trenchers were made by the brides 15 year old brother!

My heart is rejoicing with this couple who have been interested in each other since they were young teens.  They didn't see each other for several years, and then last October, the groom broke his collarbone (jumping a bonfire at his 21st birthday), and Emily and her sister Elizabeth brought him get well goodies.  A few weeks later Mike and Emily were an item once again, and everyone knew it was for good!  We wish them many, many years of happiness and joy!

Thank you for including us in your special day!

P.S. - I didn't get a photo of the cakes which were delicious and made by Becky the mother of the groom.  3 different flavored cakes, white buttercream frosting in a simple swirl design which were displayed on wood cake stands similar to this -


  1. What a beautiful wedding! Goodness, it seems as if I "knew" everyone there (except for the bride and family). So happy for Becky and family. Looking at all these beautiful young gals' faces, I think there'll be many future weddings to attend. Was the succulent your wedding favor! Very cool!

  2. Ahhhhh! I so enjoy seeing the personalization of a wedding, incorporating all that's beautiful, affirmative of family, and bathed in prayer....

    How wonderful that the weather cooperated!

  3. A beautiful wedding. Love all the personal touches.

  4. It looks like wonderful personal touches in this wedding, i noticed the bride's flowers right away so it was interesting to read what you said about her work.

  5. What a beautiful wedding! I love to see a wedding in which the personalities of the bride and groom shine through the details. But, of course, knowing that Christ is the cornerstone of the relationship makes it beautiful on the most important level!

  6. Yay! I can comment now!

    The wedding is so sweet. I love the yellow bridesmaid dresses.

  7. I love it all. It is so very much my style and taste because I'm all about the stuff that MEANS something in decor and not just what we think is pretty. The flowers caught my eye immediately and even before you mentioned that the bride (and how beautiful is SHE???) studying horticulture.

    My favorite shot is the laying on of hands in blessing by the family.

    And I love the part about how they reconnected.


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