Home Keeping: Tweaking My Schedule

Anyone who has visited my blog for any length of time, while likely recognize that I am not a scheduler.  I don't have a set time for things during my day.  I know when we have appointments and that kind of thing, but a regular daily schedule, not so much.
With the school year underway, I need to spend less time on the computer, and so the need to tweak.

I have a home to keep and I have lots of projects still to accomplish, one being the painting of my bedroom.  If I can't get help with it soon, I will just tackle it by myself!  I have begun to work on some homemade gifts for Christmas (there I said it out loud!).  They will never get done, unless I work on them now!  We are tweaking how we do gift giving this year too, as we do not need a mountain of new things each, but that is a post for another time!

So as to the actual tweaking - it basically means that I am trying to only be on the computer in the mornings, and late afternoons/evening.  There is so much we can accomplish around here, if I am not focused online.  

I have chickens to tend

 Gardens to weed

Peaches to eat

Relationships to foster

In about three weeks we will be heading to Williamsburg on our vacation, and at the end of that week, we will be dropping this girl off at her Bible School.  Then we will head home without her.  It's an exciting time, and Kyle is already looking forward to Thanksgiving break when she'll come home for a visit!

This tweaking has been good because I feel as if I have things to share with you all as well,  like how I cleaned mold off my bathroom wall/ceiling with Apple Cider Vinegar.  

Until tomorrow….have a great day!


  1. You did? I think I'll start drinking the stuff.

    Oh exciting times for your family as another leaves the nest. What a wonderful time for Em!

    Yes, we all need to get off this computer, but I'm fostering relationships! =D

    1. Lots of people drink ACV with water, I've heard it helps with pain and aids digestion.

      As to fostering relationships online- I thinks it's worthwhile and valuable! I intend to keep it up!

  2. Different seasons of life call for tweaking, don't they? It's always a matter of choosing the best.

    All the best to you as you begin the new school year, prepare for the changes in your household with Emma being away, and do the everyday things on top of all that! Making the moments count...

    1. Thanks Cheryl! We had a really good day!

  3. Regular tweaking is part of a successful life, I think. It's like checking the compass on a boat to make sure that we're still on track to get where we want to go.
    Lots of lovely things happening at your place. Enjoy the peaches and the relationships.

  4. Eating peaches -- so good this year -- has been part of my summer schedule. I've cut down on computer time to spend more time enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

  5. You are back on the reader! Great photos to illustrate well what you are sharing, I hope the new school year goes well both in Bible school and at home.

  6. Funny you should post this. I was just reminding myself that I chose the color taupe this year for two reasons, one of which being that it reminded me of the word balance. I do "better" at time management when I remember to balance things like online time just like you describe. A big part of my attempt to blog again includes balancing that time.

    The main thing I don't want to sacrifice is that one about fostering relationships. For whatever reason, God still has my Miss Whimsy home with us. I don't want to ever look back and think that I squandered that opportunity.

    I LOVE Williamsburg, and I also have a mother's heart for you as you leave your own precious one at Bible School.

    Here's to tweaking. I'm tweaking right back.

  7. I have been drinking the GGMS from the THM book- just ACV, water, ice, ginger and a little stevia. Yummo! Really helps with digestion.


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