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This is a pretty great list of links to recipes of things to make instead of buying them.   We already make some things that we used to pay someone else to make for us.  Growing up and into my adulthood it never occurred to me that I could just make it myself! 

My interest in this kind of thing started in missionary training when I realized I could make my own 'cream of' soups, and in more recent years we've started to make our own laundry detergent, ranch dressing, mayonnaise, toothpaste, household cleaners, fly spray for horses.  We do it not only to save on the budget but also because we don't want the harmful chemicals that are in many of these items that are commercially made.

Here is a link to my post that shares my laundry detergent recipe.

Do you make any items that you used to purchase?


  1. Great link! I will pin this. I make some of the stuff on the list, but there are items on there that I have been planning to find recipes for. I'm even saving old jars to store them when I do. I just haven't yet.

    What I do make? Hmm. My own cleaners (household and laundry), bath salts, linen sprays, potpourri, face masks, dressings, and probably more but I can't think of them.

  2. What I find is that I am buying a lot of product to make a product. That doesn't make sense to me UNLESS it is for better health. Very interesting!

  3. Missionary life is great for learning to make do and do without. There hasn't been a can of soup in my pantry for many, many years, even after returning to Canada. I can taste the chemicals.
    For the past couple of years I've returned to baking our own bread. I'm going to take a look at this list after commenting.

  4. Yes I could agree with you and Lorrie. In Ghana I learned how you can make just about everything. And I do make a lot of things but haven't returned to making laundry detergent yet, and not fly spray for horses :-) … I like to make things especially if I have the time. Now off to see the 50 things.

  5. I don't make any of these items but I sure should:) Thanks for the list! Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  6. I haven't taken a look at the list yet (will return to it soon...when I have a bit of time to peruse), but I am quite inclined to make my own food items. Like Lorrie, I can taste the "fake" stuff after years of cooking from scratch. I am sure I could learn a lot in the areas of cleaning products and health and beauty aids.


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