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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Downsizing our Animals

This year our cat Chloe gave birth to two litters of kittens. They were so cute and adorable. But we couldn't give them away, and then Chloe died and left us the care of her little kitties...We ended up with four older kittens and 4 little ones. Then one died. The cats all continued to grow. We now had 7 cats and our dog became pregnant! She gave birth to 11 puppies! I started to lose my mind....

This last week my husband placed an ad for the cats and kittens in the local paper. Boom! The phone was ringing off the hook! We are down to 3 cats and there is someone coming today for sure. So by tomorrow we may only have one cat left. I believe we may keep one, because we live in the country and will get mice in the house now that the weather is cold. Our cats are all good micers!

It is such a relief to know that they have gone to good homes! I like these animals but enough was enough!

We will place an ad for our puppies probably next week. They are adorable and will be ready to go in two more weeks. These guys and gals are almost full blooded black lab so we are hoping to sell them. We may let our Rachel keep one. I will be relieved that in just a few weeks we will be back to 1 cat, 1 or 2 dogs, and 3 horses, instead of 7 cats, 12 dogs and 3 horses!!!!

I may get my mind back as well!!!!


  1. And, you have had to feed them all! That in itself can become a chore and a half. We have just the two outdoor kitties and it seems like MOM is the one who feeds them. I have to feed Lucy in the back and Mollie in the front. Too territorial!! HISS HISS!!

  2. These cats eat together very well, and they groom each other. I guess it is because they have been together from birth. The girls do the majority of the work with the animals.

    Today, I met a new neighbor and they are going to buy one of our puppies! Hurray!

  3. I made some girls very happy last night when they were allowed just 5 minutes to come in and see the puppies. I think they snuck a peak at some kitties too. At least there was happy discussion in the car afterwards relating to a particular kitty.

    You have every right to rejoice in making others happy with your pets. Too many is just too many! They are soooo sweet, though!
    Becky K.

  4. That is wonderful that you found loving homes for all the animals, but in the future you should really consider spaying and neutering your pets. It would keep you from having to make the decisions to get rid of some of your pets and is much healthier for the animals. :)

    Very sweet pictures of all of them!


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