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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Please Pray

My husband grew up in New Tribes Mission as an M.K. - that's short for missionary kid. There is a family from this mission, both the parents were M.K.'s too. Their little precious girl, Ellie, has a malignant cancer called Neuroblastoma. I would ask you to pray for this sweet family as they believe that Ellie may be entering into the last stage of her life. Take time to read the blog that mom Sarah has kept. It will awe you at how amazing God's grace has been to them. They have been on my heart so much today. Ellie is 9 and was diagnosed a day before her 8th birthday. Be prepared to weep, so make sure you have tissue available. Ellie also has a little brother named Ethan. is the web address.


  1. Praying here!
    I have been following their story and am in awe of the way God has been working in this family and preparing them for Ellie's apparent homegoing..barring a last minute earthly miracle.
    You are so right...tissues are recommended.

  2. Thanks for the link and the opportunity to pray! I was unaware of this.


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