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Thursday, November 8, 2007

We are Dancing Today!

Lizzy and Darcy dancing at the Netherfield Ball.

As you know, I am teaching a Jane Austen class - we are reading Pride and Prejudice and we are discussing the book as well as learning about the culture of the regency period.
I ordered a dvd that teaches the English country dances to children, from the English Folk Dance and Song Society located in London. Their web address is This program came with a cd of just the music and a booklet as well.
I watched part of it the other day and in just a few quick minutes they have children dancing! It looks so fun. The first dance they teach in "phrases" of 16 counts. They teach the different moves to 8 beat movements and then put them all together. It is going to be so fun.
Today, I am going to introduce it to my girls - my darling enthusiastic students. They may be reluctant to do this at first especially in front of others, but I think it will be ok.


  1. Have them all wear gloves!! That would make it a fancy dance!

  2. They had a great time today! They caught on very quickly and were not embarrassed at all.

    Such fun!

  3. Hi Mrs. Rabe,
    I am a-thinkin' that Chelsea enjoyed the dances today because right now she is at the neighbors' house teaching her friend the dances. How fun is that!
    Thanks for your dedication to the co-op and your class! You are appreciated.
    Becky K.

  4. It sounds like you are all learning a lot of great stuff and having fun too!
    I made the salsa meatloaf for dinner tonight. We both liked it. Yummm. I'll be making it again!
    Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Becky,

    I am so glad she liked it. They all seemed to have such fun! I am trying to fit a tea in this month, as I mentioned it to the girls at the beginning of the class and some of the mom's are making them dresses for that too! Wow! I just hope to have my girls dresses done in time for the Ball! I need to get hopping!

    I am glad you liked the recipe! I thought it was very moist and flavorful!

  6. Oh, I would love to learn English country dances! What a cool experience!

    Oh, Mrs. Rabe! I wanted to tell you that I am having a contest and giving away 2 copies of The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen! Come enter!

  7. Sounds like such fun - it's something I'd love to do!



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