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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thankfulness Contest

Thanks to haus frau at lula's hardt, I am aware of this contest and challenge to focus on being thankful!

Here are my 5 things:

1. Jesus Christ - incredible grace!

2. My family - there are alot of us and by God's Grace we all care about each other!

3. My husband - who loves and appreciates who God has made me, well, most of the time! ;)

4. My children - who stretch me and sharpen me, just as God intended. ( Did I mention, my son has his permit?) hee hee

5. The friends God has given me. When we moved to PA years ago, we knew 1 person. Now we are locals, you know the kind, when you go to the fair in the fall, you need three days to see everything because you keep running into people you know and you just have to stop and chat! I remember the days when we would go and not know anyone. God is so good to have given us an amazing group of friends and aquaintances.

It is hard to stop at 5 maybe I will have to post a daily or weekly Thankful Thing.

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