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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nutritious Meals 2

I promised you I would let you know about the recipes I made and what it tasted like.

The meatloaf was soooo good! The salsa in it give great flavor and using the brown rice instead of breadcrumbs or rolled oats was fine. For those with food allergies, this is a great option! I had not used ground turkey in years, but it was just fine, and really you didn't even know it was beef because of the yummy flavors that were added.

Also one of the ladies made a butternut squash/granny smith apples layered veggie dish. You simply peel both, slice and layer with brown sugar and cinnamon! That was delicious as well!

The biscuits were just fine, my kids expected them to be sweet like a muffin, because they had blueberries in them. They are not sweet but they are fine.

I was pleased to find that we are doing many things right nutritionally. My biggest thing is to stop my Coca Cola addiction, and to exercise!


  1. You have to wean off the Coke otherwise you might get the mean ol' caffiene headache. Not fun!

  2. I know! It is the one thing I have allowed myself to drink as much as I want. It is just empty calories though and the high fructose corn syrup in it is just bad for hoo.


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