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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanks Becky!

Becky thinks I'm rockin! Hee hee. My kids would be completely rolling on the floor, laughing about that! However, I appreciate that she really means that she likes my blog!
I am going to nominate:
The princess at and her mom, haus frau whose blog lula's hardt is always so refreshing and encouraging. You can find the link on my side bar. I appreciate the princess (called so by her mom) for being a young woman with a heart after God.
Have a great day ladies, you're Rockin'!


  1. Yea Deanna, my kids would laugh too!!! I had a pink hat on when I came home from a dinner party tonight and the girls laughed at that!! Can you imagine if they thought I was rockin??

  2. I always tell my kids, when they are amazed at something about myself, that I did have a life before they were born!
    They are so funny because they just can't picture us as anything but a mom!

    By the way, I think your rockin!

  3. You ladies don't even know that you are 'Rockin!
    Ok, so, Deanna maybe your dances are called Balls and are a bit fancy but, hey!
    For our age we are doing, ok!
    Paula, a pink hat! How progressive.
    LOL! Love ya ladies!
    Becky K.

  4. You are too sweet for words! Thank you for this award - think I'll go interrupt the princess from her lecture (online). This is worthy of interruption!



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